The 10 Plus (10+) Exam: Everything You Need to Know




As 11 Plus entry to the UK’s top schools becomes ever more competitive, more parents are opting for early entry at 10 Plus level.


But what is the 10 Plus exam and how does it differ from the 11+?


What is the 10 Plus (10+) Exam?


The 10+ is taken by children in Year 5, at around 10 years old – a year earlier than the 11 Plus exam. There are only a handful of schools that offer the 10+, so the option may not be available to every student that wished to take the test.


What Does the 10 Plus Exam Involve?


The exam usually involves sitting test papers in Maths, English, and Reasoning, prepared at a slightly lower level than in the 11+. Parents may go down the route of the 10 Plus if they feel their child is academically capable.


The Benefits of Taking the 10 Plus…


The exam offers the advantage of being slightly less competitive than the 11+.


For many pupils and parents, preparing for the 11 Plus can be a stressful time. The 10+ however, can remove some of that stress, given that a student’s chances of gaining entry to their preferred school are increased.


Students who are successful in the 10+ aren’t required to take the 11 Plus the following year, unless they want to be considered for a bursary or scholarship place. Normally, if a 10 Plus place is awarded and the student declines, they are still able to sit the 11+ exam the following year.


Which Schools Offer Entry at 10+?


We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of schools that offer entry at 10+ level:



School Admissions at 10 Plus Level


Before your child commits to taking the exam, it’s important that you and your child arrange a visit to the school to meet the teaching staff and see the school grounds. Most schools arrange open days throughout the year, or can arrange private tours of the school.


Most schools then require you to register your child with the school, which involves completing the school’s registration form and paying an initial registration fee. You will then usually be sent details of the 10+ assessment by post, approximately 6 weeks before the day of the exam.


Most schools also request a report from your child’s current school.


How to Prepare for the 10 Plus Exam…


Images of 10 Plus exam papers


Preparation for the 10+ will generally follow the same course as preparing for the 11 Plus exam. It’s always best to start preparing early but creating a study timetable and taking a ‘little but often’ approach. We’ve written several blog posts about how to prepare for the 11+ that you may find equally useful for the 10+, including:



In addition to reading through our guides above, we strongly recommend that pupils familiarise themselves with the layout of the exam by using 10 Plus practice exam papers.


At Exam Papers Plus, we offer a range of practice papers that will help your child study for the test. We cover English, Vocabulary and grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic, Problem Solving and Verbal Reasoning. Each practice test comes complete with answers and explanations, so you can review your child’s progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses.


If your child is preparing for 10 Plus entry into a top school in the UK, our practice tests are the perfect way to test their ability and help them to prepare accordingly.

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