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Mock Exams

High-quality mock exam practice to help your child succeed in their entrance exam. Your child will gain realistic experience of a timed exam in an unfamiliar environment. In addition, we will create a detailed report on their performance, highlighting key areas for improvement. View our full range of Mock Exams below:



Actual Exam Experience

We have drawn on our immense experience and put a lot of time and effort into creating challenging and engaging mock exam papers that are an accurate reflection of the actual assessments your child will take. Our mock exams replicate exam conditions so your child will become comfortable and familiar with all aspects of the experience.

Better Time Management

It is likely that your child has never had to take a formal assessment of this kind before. They will therefore gain invaluable experience by sitting a timed exam alongside their peers. Not only will they be able to improve their time management skills, but they will also feel more relaxed and confident on exam day.

Detailed Performance Report

We will provide you with a full and detailed report on your child\'s performance including pass marks, peer group averages and crucial insights into their strengths and weaknesses as well as specific advice on how to improve.


The mock exams provided an accurate reflection of the actual assessments, helping our child feel comfortable and familiar with the exam conditions. The experience was invaluable for improving time management and boosting confidence. Farah P.

Our child greatly benefited from the mock exams, learning to manage time effectively and feeling more relaxed on the actual exam day. The detailed performance report was incredibly insightful, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. John T.

These mock exams were a game-changer, offering a realistic exam experience and detailed feedback. Our child gained crucial exam practice and we received a thorough performance report, making it easier to focus on areas that needed improvement. Lea M.

The 7+ Mock Exam provided Tom with great practice before his assessments. He definitely felt more confident and prepared for the real thing! Florence, mother of 7+ candidate

There's very little accurate information available about the 8+ exam so these Mocks proved very useful. My son gained an idea of what to expect and I felt more assured about the whole process. Saira, mother of 8+ candidate

These Mock Exams are a great idea for both parents and children. The detailed feedback report provided us with invaluable insight into our daughter's level and performance so we could help her prepare in a more efficient and focused manner. Steven, father of 11+ candidate

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A note from Exam Papers Plus

The Mock Exams are classified alphabetically (Eg: Mock Exam A, Mock Exam B). Each test is distinct in content and specifically designed for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams entry. The Mock Exams differ from the practice papers currently available in our online store.

Based on experience from previous years, we recommend that you book at least two dates as your child will then have a chance to implement the advice and feedback that we provide.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us here.


Please ensure that your child arrives at least 20 minutes early as the exams will begin on time.

Your child will need to bring a pencil, rubber and a ruler.

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, please cancel 72 hours prior to the exam start time.

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