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13 Plus Exam Papers

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FAQs - 13+ Exam Papers

What is the 13+ Common Entrance exam?

The 13+ Common Entrance exam is used to assess candidates for entrance into Year 9. It can assess a wide variety of subjects, including Maths, English and Science.

What age is the 13 Plus exam for?

The 13 Plus exam is taken by students in Year 8, when they are 12 or 13 years old. Those who are successful go on to join their target school in Year 9.

How to prepare a child for 13 Plus?

out which topics your child struggles with most. You can then focus on these topics to make sure your child can approach their exam with confidence.

How do I prepare for 13+ assessment?

We recommend making a realistic revision plan and sticking to it. Consistent practice in short sessions tends to be the most effective way to prepare for the 13+ exam. You can use our wide range of 13+ resources to ensure your child’s revision sessions are as high-quality and effective as possible.

Is the 13 plus exam hard?

It can be. Academically gifted students often take the 13+ Scholarship exam, which is an extremely challenging assessment that goes far beyond the syllabus requirements and forces students to think laterally.

What subjects are on the 13+ exam?

Most 13+ assessments will include Maths, English and Science. Other subjects that could be tested include French, Latin, Geography and History.



Our packs cover the full syllabus requirements for 13+ exams at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level.


All packs contain detailed mark schemes and explanations.



The 13+ examination is used to select students for Secondary School entry in Year 9. We have developed specific test papers to help children prepare for both the Common Entrance and Scholarship formats of these exams.


Covers every aspect of the written examination process. Virtually all schools will test Maths, English and Science as a minimum.


A great way for students to familiarise themselves with various question styles, whilst perfecting their exam technique. Our exercises are challenging and engaging.


Accurate reflection of actual exams. Reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they are current and up to date.


"These packs have proved to be incredibly useful for our students taking the 13+ exams this year. The questions are challenging and original whilst covering the full curriculum for these tests."Simon Elstree, Maths teacher

"I found the explanations and answers for each question particularly helpful in the Science papers as they helped my son to clearly understand his errors and therefore avoid them in the actual exam!"Hayley Burger, Mother of 13+ student

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