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2019-2020 Edition

13+ Eton College, Scholarship, Maths, Mark Schemes, ’10-’17


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  • Detailed Mathematics mark schemes and explanations for every question
  • 16 mark schemes included, covering the assessments from 2010 to 2017
  • Maths Paper A and Paper B covered for every year
  • Download Eton King’s Scholarship Mathematics papers here.
  • Created by assessment experts
  • Build confidence and improve performance
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Our packs cover the full syllabus requirements for 13+ exams at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level.


All packs contain detailed mark schemes and explanations.


“These packs have proved to be incredibly useful for our students taking the 13+ exams this year. The questions are challenging and original whilst covering the full curriculum for these tests.”Simon Elstree, Maths teacher

“I found the explanations and answers for each question particularly helpful in the Science papers as they helped my son to clearly understand his errors and therefore avoid them in the actual exam!”Hayley Burger, Mother of 13+ student



The 13+ examination is used to select students for Secondary School entry in Year 9. We have developed specific test papers to help children prepare for both the Common Entrance and Scholarship formats of these exams.


Covers every aspect of the written examination process. Virtually all schools will test Maths, English and Science as a minimum.


A great way for children to familiarise themselves with the exam format and question styles, whilst perfecting their exam technique. Designed to be challenging and engaging.


Accurate reflection of the actual exams. Reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they are current and up to date.

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