Masterclasses to give your child the edge!

Problem 1: It's difficult to find an accurate syllabus that explains exactly what your child needs to know for their exam.

Solution 1: Our Masterclasses address every topic your child needs to cover in one place, making your job as a parent easier.

Problem 2: Teaching your own child in an effective and efficient manner can be tricky. You could hire a tutor but they can be expensive, with no guarantee of quality.

Solution 2: Our Masterclasses are taught by experienced teachers with a track record of success. They provide clear, step-by-step techniques and explanations of each topic for a fraction of the cost of hiring a tutor.

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Benefits of our Masterclasses

Discover exactly what your child needs to know to succeed

Each Masterclass drills down on a specific subject within the examination syllabus. Using our wealth of experience, we cover all of the topics that could come up in your child's exam so you can approach test preparation with confidence.

Detailed, step-by-step tutorials

Each Masterclass consists of bitesize tutorials that explain every topic in a clear, step-by-step manner. These lessons are paired with plenty of targeted practice questions and explanations, reinforcing each skill and ensuring your child understands every topic thoroughly.

Flexible and cost
effective tuition

Our Masterclasses replicate the experience of hiring a top class tutor, available on demand, but at a fraction of the cost. The video tutorials are accessible online anytime. Each tutorial can be watched as many times as you like.

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