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Kingston Grammar School is one of the most successful co-educational independent schools in the UK. Situated in the centre of Kingston upon Thames (Surrey), a five-minute walk from Kingston railway station and a three-minute walk from Cromwell Road bus station, it has excellent train and bus links from South West London.


Excellent teaching, a commitment to pastoral care and a well-earned reputation for art, music and sport (according to Malcolm Tozer in his book ‘Physical Education and Sport in Independent Schools’, 2012, KGS ranks equal fifth in terms of Olympian alumni) makes this an all-round school in the widest sense. Although an urban school, it has extensive playing fields and a new sports centre on its Thames Ditton site.


International GCSEs, the introduction of Mandarin into its curriculum and the chance for pupils to do an Extended Project ensures an exciting, outward looking and ‘vibrant academic diet.’


Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Information


Entry Level Ten Plus (10+) deferred entry exam

School Name Kingston Grammar School (KGS)

Description Co-ed day school

Age range 11-18

Size 1,030 approx; sixth formers: 225 approx.

Fees £6,225 per term

Address London Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6PY

Email (general enquiries) enquiries@kgs.org.uk

Website www.kgs.org.uk

Telephone (general enquiries) +44 (0)20 8546 5875

Admissions Email: registrar@kgs.org.uk


Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Admissions


A 10+ deferred entry place is an opportunity for your child to secure an 11+ place a year early, whilst continuing their primary education at their current school.


The KGS 10+ deferred entry examination takes place in early January for candidates in Year 5 for deferred entry at 11+ in September the following year. Candidates that accept a deferred entry place do not need to take any further examinations for entry (and will automatically be invited to sit the Academic Scholarship examination the following January).


Candidates who either reject or are not offered a deferred entry place can re-register to sit the 11+ examination the following year. Their performance in the 10+ examination will not prejudice their application at 11+. However, you must remember to re-register, it is not automatic.


Applications: For full, up to date details and entry deadlines, visit KGS’s website here. Click here for their registration form.


Open Days and Visits: Kingston Grammar School’s open events are an ideal opportunity for prospective pupils and their families to visit. You will find the departments open to visitors and staff are available to answer questions. Dates for their Open Events can be found by clicking here.


You must book an e-ticket to attend these events and you will find the booking link on their website once the dates have been published.


Group tours are available for families who are seeking entry in the next academic year (you can’t visit too early!) The dates will be made available on the school’s website in the previous September.


Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Format


The 10+ examination at KGS is designed on the same principles as the 11+ but to suit the different age group. It is broadly based on the National Curriculum and the in-house produced papers are appropriate for a wide range of feeder schools.


Papers are taken in:


  • English (50 mins)
  • Maths (50 mins)


English exam – tests a candidate’s ability to read, understand and respond to writing; construct and convey meaning in written language; and spell and punctuate correctly in clear, legible, joined-up writing. The paper is in three parts, based around a passage.


Section A comprises 20 multiple-choice questions; Section B is a single question requiring a detailed analytical response; and Section C is a short composition. In Section A, questions range from simple understanding (information retrieval) to more difficult matters of interpretation (inference). There are likely to be questions about the meanings of words and phrases.


In Section B, candidates are expected to write in sentences and to use their own words. The composition is likely to be a narrative task, continuing the story of the passage or using it as stimulus material for an original piece. Emphasis is placed on accuracy in following instructions and retrieving and conveying information; spelling, grammar and punctuation; and responding with imagination, sensitivity and originality to what is read.


Maths exam – 10+ candidates are asked to answer questions based on any of the attainment targets up to and possibly including Level 5, though the main focus of the paper requires a thorough understanding of work up to and including Level 4. Example question areas include:


  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide a. whole numbers b. decimals c. fractions (simple fractions only)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ordering and measuring.
  • Perform calculations involving: a. money b. time c. length d. area e.volume f. speed g. mass based largely on metric units, but including other commonly encountered units (e.g. mph).
  • Interpret statistical information presented in a variety of simple forms.


All necessary workings out should be shown.


The maths and English papers are in line with age-appropriate National Curriculum levels. Those that perform strongly in all these papers will be invited for interview; however, not everyone interviewed will be offered a place.


Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Practice Papers




English practice papers, ideal for Kingston Grammar School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


10+ English Pack 1

10+ English Pack 2


Comprehension Skills


10+ Reading Workbook

10+ Vocabulary and Grammar

10+ Inference Skills


Writing Skills


10+ Punctuation

10+ Writing Prompts

10+ Rewrite & Improve

10+ Spelling




Maths practice papers, ideal for Kingston Grammar School ten plus (10+) exam  preparation:


Full Practice Tests


10+ Maths Pack 1 

10+ Maths Pack 2


Targeted Skill Development


10+ Mental Arithmetic

10+ Problem Solving




Listening practice tests, ideal for Kingston Grammar School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


10+ Listening Pack 1



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Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Interview


All interviews are one-on-one. Your child may get a general interview or a subject specific interview – dependent on how he/she has performed in the exams. A general interview concentrating on hobbies and interests will be given to a child who has performed very strongly in the exams. A subject specific interview will be given to a child who has shown a discernible weakness in one of the papers and they will be asked more about their weaker subject.


Kingston Grammar School 10 Plus (10+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Candidates who achieve a high standard in their entrance examination will be invited to return to sit scholarship papers in English or maths and all candidates will then be invited to interview. For a 10+ deferred candidate, this means taking another exam a year later. The award of a scholarship is not dependent upon parental income, and may be augmented by a means tested bursary.


KGS welcomes applications from parents of prospective pupils applying for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry who cannot afford the fees in full or in part. Bursaries are means tested and the value is related to the circumstances of the applicant’s parents, with up to 100% of full fees available.


We advise you to contact the school for further information, to ensure that you fully understand the bursary process for 10+ deferred entry and the application deadlines you will need to meet if applying for a bursary (they are often different to a standard application). Email the registrar for further details: registrar@kgs.org.uk and visit this section of their website.


Other entry points for Kingston Grammar School:


Click here to learn about Year 7 entry via the 11 Plus (11+) Exam


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