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Feeder Schools for Westminster School, 13+ Entry

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In the UK, the term ‘feeder schools’ refers to primary or prep schools that have established connections with specific secondary schools. Senior schools sometimes also define the term more broadly to simply refer to the schools their students previously attended. For example, you can see this list for Westminster here.


Students who attend a feeder school may have a smoother or more streamlined transition to a particular secondary school, often due to effective collaborations, aligned curriculums or agreements between the establishments.


Essentially, feeder schools serve as a critical bridge between primary and secondary education (or between different stages of education), ensuring that students are not only academically prepared but are also socially, emotionally and ethically equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of their next educational phase.


To ensure that pupils smoothly transition into this next phase, feeder schools focus on enhancing the following:


– Core academic and soft skills that will be essential for students in their future educational journey

– Social skills to help them integrate effectively into their new educational environment

– Values and behavioural norms consistent with those at the next school, ensuring students understand and adhere to expected standards


Which feeder schools send the most students to Westminster?


Westminster School, a renowned establishment, stands out as one of the nation’s most sought-after schools, educating boys exclusively until the Sixth Form, at which point it welcomes a mixed cohort. This academically sterling school consistently ranks among the highest-performing institutions nationally, boasting an incredibly impressive and exclusive list of alumni, including Nobel laureates, several former prime ministers and many distinguished university professors.


At 13+, Westminster accepts applications from both independent and state schools. Independent schools include:


Dulwich Prep London

Located in the Dulwich area of London, Dulwich Prep London occupies a prime position in a historically educational district. Its setting includes a woodland area, a drama studio, a medical centre, a sports hall and extensive playing fields. @38 (38 Alleyn Park) is another interesting feature of the school’s campus, designed to provide working parents with flexibility outside school hours by engaging pupils in an array of organised activities. [1


Dulwich Prep London accepts applications for 5+ and 6+ entry. To secure a place at the school for one of these entry points, pupils are asked to read aloud and do some maths and writing. Their social and listening skills will also be taken into consideration. 


Here at Exam Papers Plus, we provide resources for 7+ and 8+ assessments, relevant to two of Dulwich Prep’s other entry points. Click on the links below to learn more:


⦿ Dulwich Prep London 7 Plus (7+) Exam

⦿ Dulwich Prep London 8 Plus (8+) Exam


Sussex House School 

Sussex House School is a well-regarded independent preparatory school for boys located in the Chelsea area of London. It stands out for its notable achievements in fencing, boasting more national champions in the past 25 years than any other British school. Many alumni have advanced to represent Great Britain in this sport on the global stage. [2]


At Sussex House School, 8+ is the main point of entry. The entrance exam for 8+ applicants tests skills in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. We advise reaching a score of 75% or more in our practice tests for success in this assessment. 


Besides using our practice tests to prepare your child for the Sussex House test, you may also be interested in trying out our mock exams. We explain all the benefits of sitting our mock exams in the article below:


⦿ 7 Plus And 8 Plus Mock Exams Advice


Wetherby Prep School

Wetherby Prep School has established itself as a leading preparatory school in Central London. According to its most recent ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) report, the school meets all the national criteria for quality education and has been rated as ‘excellent’ in the areas of pupils’ academic achievements and their personal development. [3]


Wetherby Prep School assesses pupils for entry into Year 3, administering a competitive 7+ exam that consists of Maths and English sections. Historically, pupils who were able to score 70%+ consistently in our 7+ practice tests have succeeded in passing this assessment. The school also admits successful 8+ applicants. To learn more, read the article below:


⦿ Wetherby Prep School 8 Plus (8+) Entry 


St. Paul’s Juniors

St Paul’s Juniors, formerly known as Colet Court, is the junior division of St Paul’s School, a high-achieving independent school in London. To add to its prestige, SPJ recently hired award-winning caterers Chartwells Independent – who have over 50 years’ experience working in independent schools and colleges – to improve and enhance the school’s menu. Designed to offer variety and adapted to pupils’ preferences, the menu ensures pupils have a nutritious balanced diet while reducing waste and adhering to sustainability principles. [4]


The school’s 7+ exam consists of challenging English, Mathematics and Reasoning sections. Here are some fun facts about recent exams:


⦿ The English section included a story-writing prompt about Bob the dog. The spelling exercises included 15 mixed-up words to unscramble.

⦿ The Reasoning section included tricky questions involving shapes and dotted lines around shapes.


KCJS Wimbledon

King’s College Junior School is a prestigious establishment, characterised by exceptional academic achievements. For pupils who require assistance with study skills, the school offers learning support through the ‘Learning Enrichment’ department. The support may be short-term or long-term, catering for pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD and other conditions. All KCJS’s endeavours in this context are aimed at enabling each pupil to overcome any barriers to their learning. [5]


To formally apply for a Year 3 place at King’s, all 7+ applicants sit papers in English, Mathematics and Reasoning. There’s also a Listening test. Recently, the exam included the following types of questions:


⦿ English – There were two comprehensions: one was about a cat hunting at night, while the other involved a picture of a family preparing to go on a holiday.

⦿ Maths – A question included a picture of a regular hexagon and a picture of an irregular hexagon. Students were then asked to draw two more different pictures of a hexagon.

⦿ Reasoning – A long scrambled-words question was included, which involved solving three anagrams.


Merchant Taylors’ Prep

Merchant Taylors’ Prep (MTP) is a preparatory school located in Rickmansworth, Middlesex. It offers a comprehensive education, aimed at developing pupils beyond the academic domain. Through the Wellbeing and PSHEE Department, specifically, the school teaches children to play an active role as members of a democratic society and to maximise their independence and sense of responsibility in order to make informed choices about their own lives. [6]


Merchant Taylors’ facilitates entry into its preparatory department via the 7+ admissions process. Their exam consists of Maths, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, and we recommend that your child aims to score 70%+ consistently in our 7+ practice tests in order to do well in the actual assessment. To learn more about all the 7+ preparation resources here at Exam Papers Plus, please read the following article:


⦿ The 7+ (7 plus) Exam – Advice for parents from parents


Alleyn’s School

Alleyn’s School, located in Dulwich, London, is a prominent independent co-educational day school. Founded in 1619 by the Elizabethan actor and entrepreneur Edward Alleyn, the establishment has a rich historical legacy, which is closely linked to the Dulwich community. At the heart of its ethos is a firm belief in gender equality, as evidenced in their ‘Standing Against Sexism’ statement, created collaboratively by pupils, staff and alumni. [7]


At 7+ entry, the junior school assesses prospective pupils using a competitive two-stage exam. The following entry points are also available:


⦿ Alleyn’s School 5 Plus (5+) Entry

⦿ Alleyn’s School 6 Plus (6+) Entry

⦿ Alleyn’s School 9 Plus (9+) Entry


St Paul’s Cathedral School

St Paul’s Cathedral School is a renowned co-ed preparatory school in London. A residential choir school for the boy choristers of St Paul’s Cathedral, it places great emphasis on music. From Reception to Year 6, there tends to be slightly more boys than girls because places have to be available for the choristers. There’s a clear majority of boys in Years 7 and 8 because many girls leave at the end of Year 6 to join all-girls’ schools. [8]


St Paul’s Cathedral School offers a 7+ entry point, for which it assesses pupils in English and Reasoning. For English, there is a creative writing paper, testing your child’s punctuation, spelling and grammar skills. For Reasoning, there are Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, testing logical thinking and intelligence instead of acquired knowledge. To learn how to effectively prepare for the upcoming exam, please read the following article:


⦿ The 7+ Exam: How to prepare for success


UCS Junior Branch

University College School (UCS) Junior Branch is a popular school located in Hampstead, London. At UCS, around 96% of the boys play a musical instrument, seven residential trips are organised every year, two modern languages are embedded in the curriculum and there are 77 extracurricular clubs to choose from. As part of the enrichment programme, there is a particular emphasis on chess; hence, pupils from UCS regularly excel in EPSCA chess tournaments. [9]


The 7+ exam at UCS consists of English and Maths tests. The Junior Branch also offers the following entry point:


⦿ UCS Junior Branch 8 Plus (8+) Entry


Westminster Cathedral Choir School

Westminster Cathedral Choir School (WCCS) is based in London. WCCS is a leading Roman Catholic choral school that provides an education to the boy choristers of Westminster Cathedral and other boys. The choir has an excellent reputation both nationally and globally, frequently performing at liturgical services and concerts and participating in broadcasts and recording sessions. Every morning, all the boys gather for prayer and hymn singing in assemblies, and all boys offer prayers of intercession to the patrons of the school. [10]


The 7+ exam at the school assesses skills in the following areas:


⦿ English 

⦿ Mathematics


If you are at the very beginning of your 7+ journey, you may wish to start with our range of 6+ resources. These cover the core Maths and English skills your child needs to develop but at a slightly easier level.


Haberdashers’ Boys’ School

Habs consistently ranks among the top independent schools in the UK based on exam results. Besides encouraging stellar academic outcomes, the school emphasises the importance of exploring the natural world. For this purpose, it provides an expansive outdoor classroom where children can develop their team-building, social and empathy skills within a safe and supportive environment. The Forest School initiative is one of the most popular features of their’ enrichment programme. [11]


The 7+ exam at the school tests English, Maths and Reasoning skills and is the first stage of the admissions process. In recent years, the second stage  – the interview – included the following question:


⦿ If you could go back in time and meet someone famous, who would it be and why?


Is attending a Westminster feeder school a good idea?


Feeder schools often have similar values and teaching styles as the secondary schools they are linked to. Some argue that this system can limit choices for students and parents. For example, if a child is in a feeder school that connects primarily to one secondary institution, their choice is effectively limited to that institution unless they seek alternative pathways. This can limit exposure to diverse educational experiences and options. Additionally, there are concerns that feeder systems might not offer equal opportunities for all, especially when considering different economic backgrounds.


Regardless of individual perspectives, attending a Westminster feeder school provides children with a gateway to one of the nation’s elite educational establishments. At Westminster, the bar is set remarkably high, not only in academic and pastoral terms but also in the exceptional standard of extracurricular provision. A testament to the school’s acclaimed reputation for nurturing high achievers is this recent staggering statistic: an impressive 96% of all GCSE grades were within the 9–7 range.


Preparation for entry to Westminster’s feeder schools must therefore be both focused and targeted. Here at Exam Papers Plus, we provide a variety of materials to help your child prepare for challenging and competitive entrance exams. Besides our highly effective, top-rated practice tests, EPP resources include the following:


Tuition | Courses | Mock Exams | Writing Marking Service 



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Honing exam techniques, our effective practice tests engage pupils with diverse question types, paving their way towards confident and skilled exam performance. We currently provide resources for the following levels:


5+ Practice Tests


6+ Practice Tests


7+ Practice Tests


8+ Practice Tests


9+ Practice Tests


10+ Practice Tests


Enrolling your son in a Westminster feeder school is a decision only you can make. As independent publishers specialising in educational resources and preparation materials, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support. Our aim is to equip your child with the necessary tools and confidence to navigate your preferred school’s demanding admissions process. It’s essential to remember that while feeder schools may offer advantages, you should consider your child’s individual needs, aspirations and well-being to determine the school that is the right fit for them.


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