7 plus (7+) Exam – St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) – What you need to know

School Name: St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court)

Description: Boys; day school

Age range: 7-13

Size: 439 approx. 36 pupils are taken in at Year 3 for seven plus entry

Fees: £6,257 per term

Address: Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9JT

Website: www.stpaulsschool.org.uk/st-pauls-juniors

Telephone (general enquiries): +44 (0)20 8748 3461

Head: Ms Maxine Shaw

Director of Admissions: Andy Mayfield (for St. Paul’s Juniors and St Paul’s). For information about entry to St. Paul’s Juniors at seven plus contact the school secretary Louise McAlpine at: ccreceptionist@stpaulsschool.org.uk or telephone +44 (0)20 8746 2461

Finance director: fd@stpaulsschool.org.uk




St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) is an academically selective boys’ school situated in Barnes, greater London. It is the preparatory school of St Paul’s School. Both schools are separate, but share the same site. They operate from adjacent modern buildings on the south bank of the River Thames and share many facilities, including a dining hall, sports centre and playing fields.


Boys enter at 7+, 8+ and 11+ by competitive examination. Means tested bursaries are available at all points of entry. The vast majority of boys go from St. Paul’s Juniors to St Paul’s. The few that do not progress to St Paul’s get places at their first choice schools.


The first entry point is in Year 3, via the 7 plus exam. Strategically, entry in Year 3 via the seven plus exam makes most sense, as it can get even more competitive at higher age groups. Boys who join St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) and stay for the full duration of their studies will be automatically registered for transfer to St Paul’s at 13+. This means they have a place at St Paul’s, conditional upon their academic ability and successful passing of the entrance exam to the senior school. It is not an unconditional offer of a place, only an unconditional offer of registration.


St. Paul’s Juniors Seven Plus admissions process


Applications: Boys can be registered from their fourth birthday. The closing date for registration is in October.


Registration: the registration form is available to download here.

When registering, the terms and conditions state that St Paul’s ‘must be your first choice for 13+ education’.

Registration fee: £175.


Open Days/Visits: St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court)  hosts one main open morning each year. This is an opportunity for parents and boys to meet the Head, staff and current pupils, and to get a flavour of daily life at St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court). 7+ families are asked to attend between 9.00am and 10.00am. If you are unable to make the open morning, you are advised to contact the school to make a time for a small group visit.


Entrance Exams: Held in December. Examinations are designed to provide an understanding of current levels and to test potential. About 300 will take the exam. 54 places are available at 7+.


All candidates sit papers in mathematics, English and reasoning. St. Paul’s Juniors does not release past papers, but you can access a suggested seven plus reading list here and the maths 7 plus maths syllabus here.


A sample St. Paul’s Juniors seven plus exam timetable (from January 2017):

8.30 am                  Arrival

9.00 – 9.45             Verbal Reasoning and Spelling (45 minutes)

9.45 – 9.55             Short Break (10 mins)

9.55 – 10.40           English Writing (composition) (45 minutes)

10.40 – 11.05         Long Break (25 minutes)

11.05 – 11.50         Reading (comprehension) and Non Verbal Reasoning (45 minutes)

11.50 – 12.00         Short Break (10 minutes)

12.00 – 12.40          Mental and Written Maths (40 minutes)


  • Previous St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) seven plus maths papers have included questions on time, money and symmetry. An emphasis on extended number problems and mental maths (where workings out are not usually allowed!)


  • Last year, the St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) seven plus English comprehension paper was multiple choice. Candidates were also tested on their spelling. A recent seven plus composition title was ‘The Present’. Candidates were given a plan to fill in to start them off and advised to spend 15 minutes planning their story.


  • The St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) seven plus reasoning paper contains a mixture of elements including verbal reasoning, shapes, arrows, sequences of numbers and codes. The seven plus verbal reasoning paper concentrates on vocabulary and the meanings of words. It is designed to get progressively harder.

Recommended Materials:


7 plus English practice papers, ideal for St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) 7+ preparation:


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar

7+ English: Spelling


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension

The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing




7 plus Maths practice papers, ideal for St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) 7+ preparation:


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving


7 plus Reasoning practice papers, ideal for St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) 7+ preparation:


7+ Reasoning Pack 1

7+ Reasoning Pack 2

7+ Reasoning Pack 3


7 plus Listening practice papers, ideal for St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court)  7+ exam preparation:


7+ Listening Pack 1



Interviews and activities:


Approx two candidates per place will be called back for an assessment and a short group interview with the Head or a senior member of staff.


Previously candidates have been asked to write a short story and answer some complex maths questions. For example, questions which featured in recent interviews included: a group of five candidates being asked, ‘if everyone in the group shook hands with one another, how many handshakes would there be in total?’ and ‘Would you rather be blind or deaf?’


Parent interview – parents are also interviewed at St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) and both parents are encouraged to attend if possible.


Destination Schools at 13+:


In most cases boys move on to St Paul’s. However a small minority may transfer to other schools, often as a result of a change in parental circumstances. St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) has a good relationship with other senior schools, such as Eton and Winchester, and will support boys with appropriate references and recommendations.




St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) offers bursaries at all entry points, including seven plus. Not every school will offer financial support at such a young age as a child’s potential is still relatively unknown.


Bursaries are means-tested and full details of income and capital resources will be requested. Each application is assessed on its own individual merit and offers of financial support, if appropriate, will be made in the November of the year prior to entry.


Bursaries are means-tested each year and may change as a family’s financial situation improves or deteriorates.


Requests for a bursary form should be made after registration.


For further information, please click here.


Other Entry Points


8+, 10+ deferred and 11+



By Exam Papers Plus


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