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The 7+ (7 plus) Exam – Advice for parents from parents


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We asked a couple of parents, who recently helped their children through the 7+ examination process, if they would be kind enough to share some of what they learnt along the way. You can read their responses below:


“We found Exam Paper Plus from a search on the internet and decided to use the material to prepare our son for his 7 plus exam. First, he had an initial evaluation with Louise Lang in March 2016. She was very professional and polite and at the end she said he had the potential to gain entry at the top academic schools in London, especially if he improves his English writing. Louise recommended a tutor for weekly sessions in English. We extended it to English and Maths sessions in September.  Our son liked the tutor immediately because of her energy, great positive attitude and very dedicated and professional manner. She was always bringing appropriate materials for class work and homework.


In addition to the private tuition my son attended all of the Easter, summer and autumn intensive courses for the 7 plus exam as well as all the mock tests in November and December. He always liked the tutors and I was impressed by the materials and great advice. During the mock tests we also met Faisal and Louise again, and their professional feedback and recommendations were extremely beneficial for our son. All of the staff were very helpful throughout the hectic exam period in January with continuing advice and support via emails and phone calls.


At the end, after lots of hard work, we were thrilled that he got a place at our first choice school. We can’t thank all the tutors at Exam Paper Plus enough for their profesional attitude and unwavering support. We have been recommending them to all of our friends and we wish them success and prosperity.”


“The start is always the most daunting.  The goal and the formidable competition is clear. Everything else is opaque.  Before beginning the process, I could best describe myself as ‘clueless’ about the 7 plus hurdles.  I did feel my son was quite bored at his current prep (very gentle) and that there was a twinkle in his eye when he learnt something new.  It was the desire to preserve that intellectual curiosity that led me to research the 7 plus.


In maths we focused on the fundamentals being solid and the numerous interpretation of questions.  Here the Exam Papers Plus exams and materials were invaluable.  My son could solve most problems as long as he understood what the questions were asking for.  For this, a wide variety of exposure to problem solving was required.


The English was comparatively easier.  Since he was an avid reader, writing came very naturally to him. He struggled a bit in comprehension, where again the comprehension papers of Exam Papers Plus helped probe further.  We did not restrict ourselves to the 7 plus content of Exam Papers Plus.  Once he was comfortable, he tried some of the material from the higher age groups too.


It was a slow and gentle process.  Not crammed.  My son’s love of English was reaffirmed and his ability in maths improved. These are gifts he will take with him to St. Paul’s.


The team at Exam Papers Plus was very good at guiding us every step of the way.  Someone like Faisal who has seen this process repeatedly can offer invaluable feedback into your child’s strengths and how they compare relatively to the others.  Finally, the mock exams were very beneficial.  My son made all his mistakes there so he was careful to not make them in the real exams!  In the end he was fortunate to get into St. Paul’s, Westminster Under and King’s.  We chose St Paul’s because it suited his personality the best, although Westminster would have been a much easier commute!


Finally, good luck to all of you who are embarking on this journey.  It is not stressful if the focus is on learning and the love of it!”



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Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need some advice. We are always happy to help!



The Exam Papers Plus Team

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