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Positioned beside the Thames near St Paul’s Cathedral and opposite the Tate Modern, City of London School exists in the heart of London. This attractive city location, coupled with the school’s dynamic ethos, outstanding academic record and emphasis on independent thinking, means it attracts ‘some of the country’s top speakers, researchers and analysts, lending freshness and vibrancy to the curriculum’. Boys are offered an ‘unparalleled insight into cutting-edge thinking’, modern day challenges and opportunities.


Boys are welcomed from a wide variety of backgrounds and the school benefits from a generous bursary scheme (for 11+ and 16+ entry – not 10+). This creative mix of talent adds to the experience. The phrase ‘generosity of spirit’ comes up a lot on the school’s website, as does the desire to prepare children for an ever-changing world; a world which we may not be able to predict, but one in which we know resilience, tenacity and tolerance will be essential. These are the values of City of London School.


City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Information


Entry Level Ten Plus (10+) exam

School Name: City of London School

Description: Boys; day school

Age range: 7-18

Size: 900

Fees: £5,577 per term

Address: City of London School, Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 3AL

Email: (general enquiries) enquiries@cityoflondonschool.org.uk

Website: www.cityoflondonschool.org.uk

Telephone: (general enquiries) 0044 (0)20 3680 6300

Admissions: admissions@cityoflondon.org.uk


City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Admissions


Old Grammar (Year 6) entry at City of London School is ideal for ‘bright boys with an enthusiasm for learning’, those who may have out-grown their current school. Approximately 40-44 boys are welcomed at 10+. Last year they had around 230 applicants.


Applications: For up to date application details for City of London School at 10+, Old Grammar entry, click here.


The deadline for registration is usually in the November of the preceding year – but check the school’s website for the exact date.


Open Days: Open days for 10+ entry usually take place in the September and October of the autumn term and should be booked in advance by clicking here.


We recommend that you allow 2 hours for your visit and that you take your son with you.


City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Format


All registered candidates will be invited to sit examinations early in the January of their Year 5, covering:


  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning


The English paper (1 hour) combines both comprehension (multiple-choice) and writing in one, and candidates are recommended to spend 30 minutes on each section. Last year the composition exercise was to continue the story from the comprehension extract.


The maths paper (45 minutess) covers Number, Shape, Space, Measurement and Data Handling.


Those who perform well in their exams will be in invited back to the school for an interview, usually in late January.


City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Interview


The interview lasts around 20 minutes, and gives the school an opportunity to get to know your son beyond his examination results. It is a two-way process and the school states that it is ‘also a useful way for him to be able to find out more about us’.


They often include picture prompts and use these as a basis for a discussion. Whilst no specific preparation is required for the interview, we would advise thinking about key achievements and things that he would like to talk about. A mock interview can also be a useful, confidence-building exercise – please contact us if you would like further information on this.


City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Exam Practice Papers




English practice papers, ideal for City of London School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


10+ English Pack 1

10+ English Pack 2


Comprehension Skills


10+ Reading Workbook

10+ Vocabulary and Grammar

10+ Inference Skills


Writing Skills


10+ Punctuation

10+ Writing Prompts

10+ Rewrite & Improve

10+ Spelling




Maths practice papers, ideal for City of London School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


10+ Maths Pack 1 

10+ Maths Pack 2


Targeted Skill Development


10+ Mental Arithmetic

10+ Problem Solving


Verbal Reasoning


Verbal reasoning practice papers, ideal for City of London School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


10+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 1

10+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 2




Listening practice tests, ideal for City of London School ten plus (10+) exam preparation:


10+ Listening Pack 1



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City of London School 10 Plus (10+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships are nominal and carry a £250 award. However, the school runs a generous bursary scheme, details of which can be found here. Please note that bursaries are only available at 11+ and 16+ entry.


Other Entry Points: 11+ or 13+ (you cannot apply for both) and 16+

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