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Last Minute Preparation Tips for the 11 Plus Exam


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If you’re reading this as a parent with only a few weeks to go until your child’s 11 Plus exam then have no fear.


Even in the few remaining weeks, there’s still a lot that can be achieved. We’ve put together this post especially for parents who are having a bit of an 11 Plus emergency.


Keep Stress Levels to a Minimum


The first thing to remember when you realise that your child’s exam is just round the corner is not to panic. It’s important that your child doesn’t begin to feel stressed about the situation. By all means, make them aware that they have the exam coming up soon but don’t put any unnecessary pressure on them to cram for the next few weeks.


As with the lead up to any exam, little and often is the key. Work out exactly how many weeks you have until the big day and plan when your child will study.


Identify Knowledge Gaps


11 Plus English and Maths practice papers


With the exam looming, your child will benefit from a targeted study plan, focusing on any areas that they need to improve in. One of the best ways to identify your child’s knowledge gaps is to practise with sample exam papers. To begin with, we’d suggest that you work through a paper together, so you can see how your child approaches each different type of question. You can then have them sit a practice paper under exam conditions, allocating the correct amount of time for each section.


At Exam Papers Plus, all of our practice papers come complete with answers and explanations, so you can compare your child’s answers with the correct ones. We have a range of 11 Plus exam papers, covering English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


Create a Study Plan – It’s Never Too Late


It can be tempting to go in all guns blazing with your child’s 11 Plus preparation, especially at this stage, but in all cases, a structured study plan is still the best route to go down. A study timetable can be something as simple as an excel spreadsheet or a wall planner that details when your child will study and what.


As you count down the days to the exam and tick of those that have passed, your child should become more confident, knowing that their knowledge is improving all the time.


Focus on Core Skills


Practice exam papers are a very important part of your child’s preparation but there are other techniques you can employ too. Testing your child by asking them mental arithmetic questions and adding and subtracting using shapes will help keep their mind sharp. Similarly, reading with your child and asking them to spell words out loud can help build their vocabulary.


Consider Hiring a Tutor


It isn’t always easy finding the time to study with your child, especially if there’s a lot of material to cover in a short space of time. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands of your child’s study plan, you could consider hiring an 11 Plus tutor to help out.


A couple of hours per week could be all it takes to boost your child’s confidence and fill in any knowledge gaps. For more advice on private tutors, check out our post How to Choose an 11 Plus Tutor for Your Child.


By following this last minute 11 Plus preparation advice, your child should be well equipped to do well in the exam. Remember, coaching for the test isn’t always necessary, so the fact that your child has had some preparation (no matter how little) will give them an advantage on the day.


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