7+ & 8+ Exam – St. Paul’s Juniors – Writing to be replaced by Dictation


St. Paul’s School have announced that they will be replacing the Writing component of their 7+ and 8+ exams and replacing it with a Dictation assessment. This applies for 2020 entry onwards.



You can see the school’s announcement here.


In a further email sent to prep schools, they stated that the new Dictation Test will asses ‘spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and handwriting’.


We’ve created special Dictation packs to help students prepare for this new test. Please click the links below to learn more


7+ Dictation


8+ Dictation


Click here to learn how these packs will benefit your child.


Please click the links below to view our full list of recommendations for the St. Paul’s Juniors 7+ and 8+ exams:


St. Paul’s Juniors 7+ Exam


St. Paul’s Juniors 8+ Exam

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