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Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4: Entry Information


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Hymers College is an independent day school for girls and boys aged 3-18. The school has two sites: Hymers Hessle Mount, which is for pupils up to and including Year 2, and Hymers College, which is for Years 3-13. Hymers College has a magnificent 45-acre campus with superb facilities, including a 200-seat theatre, science laboratories, a swimming pool, an ICT Centre and a library.


The Junior School is for pupils in Years 3-6, and it prides itself on helping each child reach their full academic potential. Core skills are developed (skills that will be essential throughout pupils’ educational journeys) and a lifelong love of learning is ignited. This is achieved by having outstanding subject-specific teachers, who teach in subject-specific classrooms.


An extensive extra-curricular programme is an important part of life at Hymers College, enabling pupils to have a truly holistic education. Getting involved means pupils can enhance their teamwork and social skills while having fun. Pupils can, amongst other things, represent the school in sports teams, join a choir and go on residential trips. The school’s most recent ISI report comments on how the extra-curricular programme develops the confidence and resilience of students.


Pastoral care is impressive at Hymers College. Each pupil has a tutor, who will get to know them well. This means if a pupil experiences any difficulties or has any concerns, there is a trusted adult they can turn to for support and guidance. Furthermore, the House system at Hymers means students have a strong sense of belonging.


Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4: Contact Details and Admissions Process


Address: Hymers Avenue, Hull, HU3 1LW

County: East Riding of Yorkshire

Admissions info: or 01482 343555

School type: Co-educational independent school

Open events: Autumn and Spring terms

Assessment date: January of Year 3 


Please note that Year 4 is not a standard entry point, so it is worth contacting the admissions team regarding the availability of places.


Hymers College warmly invites you to attend one of their open events (booking is essential) before registering your child for a place. This will enable you to see if the school is a good fit for your child. You can also contact the admissions team to arrange a visit at another time.


If you decide you would like a place for your child and spaces are available, you should complete the online registration form and pay the £25 registration fee. Ideally, this should be done by the beginning of December of Year 3.


Your child will then be invited to the Assessment Day that will take place in January of Year 3. They will sit a short English assessment and a short maths assessment. They will also be interviewed and take part in problem-solving activities in a group. The day is designed to identify children who will be able to fully access the challenging curriculum at Hymers College and embrace all that the school has to offer. References from your child’s current school will also be taken into consideration. 

Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4: Bursaries


Hymers College will only be offering bursaries to pupils in Year 7 and above for the 2025/26 academic year (this can change from year to year, so please do contact the school if you are interested in a bursary). 


The school does not currently offer scholarships.

Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4: Entrance Assessment


On Assessment Day, your child will sit an English assessment and a maths assessment, be interviewed and take part in group activities: 


  • The English assessment will test your child’s reading, writing and comprehension skills.


  • The maths assessment will have questions appropriate for the relevant national curriculum stage.


  • The interview is an opportunity for your child to talk about their hobbies and passion for learning.


  • The group problem-solving activities allow the school to assess your child’s reasoning skills and their ability to work as part of a team.


Preparing for the Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entrance Assessment


Practice tests are an effective tool when preparing for the Hymers College 8+ exam. With the help of our practice tests, your child will learn how to deal with various 8+ exam question types quickly and confidently, helping to alleviate any nerves before the big day. 


The practice tests will enable you to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This means you will be able to allocate more time to any areas requiring improvement.


Most of our 8+ resources are accompanied by detailed step-by-step video tutorials for every question. These are available for free with purchases. Paying close attention to the video tutorials can help your child develop their understanding across all the areas that are likely to be tested.


Our practice tests are used successfully every year by hundreds of thousands of students targeting schools with a competitive entrance exam. They are age-appropriate, reflecting the demands of the actual exam, meaning your child will have no surprises on the day.


The resources we recommend to help your child prepare for the Hymers College 8 Plus entrance exam can be found below. Not only will they help prepare your child for the entrance assessment, but they will also put them in a good position to be able to embrace the challenging curriculum at the Junior School of Hymers College.


Hymers College 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4: Exam Practice Papers




We highly recommend the following packs to prepare successfully for the Hymers College 8 Plus English assessment. They will help improve your child’s comprehension and writing skills:


Full Practice Tests


8+ English Pack 1

8+ English Pack 2

8+ English Pack 3

8+ English Pack 4

8+ English Pack 5


Comprehension Skills


8+ Reading Workbook

8+ English: Comprehension Pack 1

8+ English: Inference Skills

8+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


The Complete Guide to 8+ Comprehension


Writing Skills


8+ English: Writing

8+ English: Rewrite & Improve

8+ English: Spelling

8+ English: Punctuation

8+ English: Dictation


The Complete Guide to 8+ Writing


If you’d like to have your child’s writing assessed and marked, you may be interested in our Writing Marking Service. Please click here to learn more.




We highly recommend the use of the following packs to help develop your child’s arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Hymers College 8 Plus maths test:


Full Practice Tests


8+ Mathematics Pack 1

8+ Mathematics Pack 2

8+ Mathematics Pack 3

8+ Mathematics Pack 4

8+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


8+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

8+ Mathematics: Problem Solving




The following pack is ideal for developing listening skills ahead of the Hymers College 8 Plus entrance exam, helping your child learn how to follow instructions carefully:


8+ Listening Pack 1



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Our practice tests aim to show the sorts of questions that might come up in the Hymers College 8+ exam. The information provided about Hymers College was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of possible future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


Please note that Exam Papers Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and not affiliated with or endorsed by the publishers of the Hymers College 8+ test or any other test publisher.

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