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8 Plus (8+) Exam – St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court) – Key Admissions Details 2024


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St Paul’s Juniors (SPJ, formerly known as Colet Court) is an academically selective boys’ school in Barnes, Greater London. SPJ is known for its strong academic results and countless non-academic successes. Overlooking River Thames, its spacious campus includes modern buildings, a dining hall, a sports centre, a swimming pool and extensive playing fields. [1]


Besides 8+, boys also enter at 7+ and 11+ by competitive examination. Means-tested bursaries are available at all points of entry. It is the expectation that the vast majority of boys go from the junior school to the senior school. The few that do not progress to St Paul’s tend to get places at their first-choice schools.


The first entry point is in Year 3, via the 7 plus exam. However, children do not mature academically at the same rate, so 8+ makes more sense for many boys. We see many boys enjoy great success at 8 plus, having not made the cut at 7+.


Thanks to SPJ’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere, new pupils often feel comfortable and at ease right away. Mornings typically begin with an assembly in the School Hall, where students come together to appreciate a sense of community, listen to interesting speakers, or celebrate the accomplishments of their peers. [2]


As an all-through school, boys who join SPJ can stay for the full duration of their studies. Providing their academics are up to par, they will be automatically registered for transfer to St Paul’s at 13+. This means they have a place at St Paul’s, conditional upon their academic ability and successful passing of the entrance exam to the senior school. It is not an unconditional offer of a place, only an unconditional offer of registration.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Exam Information


Address: Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9JT

County: Greater London

Admissions info:  or +44 (0)20 8746 5444

School type: Independent preparatory school for boys

Open days: In the Autumn Term

8+ Exam date: January of Year 3

Pass mark: Aim for 50%+ in our SPJ-specific practice tests. See below for more details.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Open Days


SPJ hosts Small Group Parent Tours in the Autumn Term, providing a unique opportunity for parents of prospective pupils to experience the atmosphere on campus. Open Morning is held in November and it includes tours of the school’s facilities, meetings with current students and an address from the Head, typically concluding with refreshments. You can view the school’s exact location on the map below:



St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Admissions


Boys should be registered with the school before the closing date in October of the year preceding entry, while they are in Year 3. The registration form is available to download here. When registering, the terms and conditions state that St Paul’s ‘must be your first choice for 13+ education’. At this stage of the admissions process, a fee of £175 is payable.


The entrance examinations are held in January of the calendar year of entry. Your son’s skills across three broad areas will be tested using a paper-based exam. Shortlisted candidates will be invited back to the school for a group assessment, during which they will attend lessons and complete a problem-solving task.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Exam Format


The examinations are designed to provide an understanding of current levels and measure potential. Approximately 220 candidates will take the test, assessing skills in the following areas:


  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Reasoning


This is the typical St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus exam timetable:


8.30 am   Arrival
9.00 – 9.45 Verbal Reasoning  (45 minutes)
9.45 – 9.55   Short Break (10 mins)
9.55 – 10.30 Mental and Written Maths test (40 minutes)
10.30 – 11.00  Long Break (30 minutes)
11.00 – 11.45  Reading (comprehension) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (45 minutes)
11.45 – 11.55     Short Break (10 minutes)
11.55 – 12.20 English Dictation (25 minutes)
12.25    Collection Time


  • Previous SPJ eight plus (8+) maths papers have placed an emphasis on extended number problems and mental maths. It is normally split into three sections with the problems coming at the end. Last year they were described as ‘tough’ by some of our most able candidates (who got in!)


  • Recently, SPJ’s eight plus (8+) English paper asked the boys to write from a picture prompt of a man with a top hat, in a hot air balloon with parrot on his shoulder. Creative Writing skills are however no longer tested.


  • Last year’s SPJ eight plus (8+) reasoning papers contained a mixture of elements including verbal and non-verbal reasoning. VR concentrated on word meanings and appropriate choice of words; NVR concentrated on shapes (2D and 3D), symmetry and sequences.


  • There will also be a Dictation Task. This will be a short passage read out by a teacher which boys will copy down. It will test spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and handwriting.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Interviews and Activities


Approx 40/50 candidates who are successful in the 8 plus exam will be called back for an assessment and a short group interview with the Head or a senior member of staff. The school says:


Boys who perform well in the written tests will be invited back for a half-day group assessment. Group sizes will be approximately 10. This process will involve a Maths lesson, an English lesson and a group problem-solving task. At the same time, parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Head of St Paul’s Juniors. The group assessments will take place during the two weeks following the tests, enabling boys to know their results within a fortnight.


As part of the assessment in previous years, boys have been asked to write a short story and answer some complex maths questions. Contact us for more details if you reach this stage.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Scholarships and Bursaries


SPJ offers bursaries at all entry points, including 8 plus (8+). Not every school will offer financial support at such a young age as a child’s potential is still relatively unknown.


Bursaries are means-tested and full details of income and capital resources will be requested. Each application is assessed on its own individual merit and offers of financial support, if appropriate, will be made in the November of the year prior to entry.


Bursaries are re-assessed anually and may change as a family’s financial situation improves or deteriorates. Requests for a bursary form should be made after registration.


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Exam Pass Marks and Target Scores


Pupils who are able to score 50%+ consistently in our SPJ-specific 8+ Practice Tests should be on track to pass the SPJ 8+ exam.


Whilst there are no guarantees, this has historically been a fairly strong indicator that your child should do well in the St. Paul’s Juniors 8 plus exam.


Don’t worry if your child is not scoring well in our practice papers from the outset. With targeted practice and focus, it’s possible to make big improvements in a short amount of time!


St. Paul’s Juniors 8 Plus (8+) Exam Practice Papers


Full Practice Tests


The following practice tests are specifically designed to help your child prepare for the St. Paul’s Juniors 8+ exam. They provide excellent mock exam preparation, highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses:


8+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 1

8+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 2

8+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 3

8+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 4

8+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 5


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8+ SPJ Full Practice Tests Bundle




We highly recommend the following practice papers to help your child prepare for the St. Paul’s Juniors 8+ English exam:


Practice Tests


8+ English Pack 4 (Comprehension Sections Only)

8+ English Pack 5 (Comprehension Sections Only)


Comprehension Skills


8+ Reading Workbook

8+ English: Comprehension Pack 2

8+ English: Inference Skills

8+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar

8+ English: Spelling

8+ English: Punctuation


Comprehension Guide


This guide covers all the key comprehension question types in a clear, step-by-step manner so that both you and your child know exactly what to expect on exam day.


The Complete Guide to 8+ Comprehension


Dictation Skills


8+ English: Dictation (Ideal Preparation for the Dictation Assessment)


Writing Skills


Starting from the foundational basics, this guide works its way through all the key skills your child needs to develop to become an excellent writer within the framework of what’s expected at the 8+ level.


The Complete Guide to 8+ Writing (Potentially useful for any short writing tasks that could come up in the second round interview/assessment day)




The following 8+ packs will help your child develop the key skills needed to do well in the mathematics section of the St. Paul’s Juniors entrance exam:


Practice Tests


8+ Mathematics Pack 1

8+ Mathematics Pack 2

8+ Mathematics Pack 3

8+ Mathematics Pack 4

8+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


8+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

8+ Mathematics: Problem Solving




To help your child master Reasoning skills ahead of the St Paul’s Juniors 8+ exam, we highly recommend the following resources:


8+ Reasoning Pack 1

8+ Reasoning Pack 2

8+ Reasoning Pack 3

8+ Reasoning Pack 4

8+ Reasoning Pack 5




St Paul’s Juniors is keen to find students who can listen to instructions, process information and respond accurately. This pack will help develop these key skills:


8+ Listening Pack 1 (Ideal Preparation for the Dictation Assessment)


SPJ 8+ Bundle – Save 40%!


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8+ SPJ Full Bundle



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St. Paul’s Juniors: Destination Schools at 13+


In most cases, boys move on to St Paul’s. However, a small minority may transfer to other schools, often as a result of a change in parental circumstances. SPJ (formerly known as Colet Court) has a good relationship with other senior schools, such as Eton and Winchester, and will support boys with appropriate references and recommendations.


Other entry points for St. Paul’s Juniors:


Click here to learn about Year 3 entry via the 7 Plus (7+) Exam

Click here to learn about Year 7 entry via the 11 Plus (11+) Exam

Click here to learn about Year 9 entry via the 13 Plus (13+) Exam

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