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*NEW* 7+ and 8+ Dictation Packs with Audio Recording included

7+ 8+

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We’ve just released two new packs:


7+ English: Dictation


8+ English: Dictation


A number of you have been in touch to request these as there aren’t many definitive 7+ and 8+ Dictation resources available.


We’ve included an audio recording and made sure all the bases are covered so you no longer need to hunt around for appropriate passages or worry if you are reading them at the right pace ?.


Why is Dictation important?


A number of schools now assess Dictation in their 7+ and 8+ exams. For example, St. Paul’s School announced that they are replacing their Writing section with a Dictation assessment in both their 7+ and 8+ 2019 exams. King’s Wimbledon also uses a Listening Test delivered via an audio recording at both 7+ and 8+.


Even for schools that don’t assess it directly, practising dictation is useful for a variety of reasons:


1) It helps students to develop their listening skills and improves their ability to follow instructions. Whether in an exam, group activity or interview, these are key skills which all schools will be looking out for at 7+ and 8+.


2) It helps students to develop their spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting under time pressure, requiring them to think carefully and reflect on word choice and placement.


What’s included in each pack?


Each pack includes:


– 40 dictation practice tests, professionally delivered via an audio recording.
(7+ total recording length: 4h 38 mins)
(8+ total recording length: 4h 33 mins)


– Answer Booklet


– Answers and Marking Guidelines


How will these packs benefit my child?


These packs have been specifically designed to focus on developing the core skills required to do well in a Dictation assessment.


We’ve crafted a series of fiction and non-fiction passages that include challenging spellings, key punctuation and interesting themes.


In each test, the passage is first read at normal pace, then at a slower pace followed by a final reading at normal pace again.


Students must follow the instructions provided, writing down what they hear, paying attention to their spelling, punctuation and handwriting.


By taking these Dictation tests, your child will become familiar with this specific format of assessment, allowing them to approach their actual exam with confidence.


Click the links below to learn more. As with all our resources, they are available for immediate download and use after purchase:


7+ English: Dictation

8+ English: Dictation



As ever, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries. We are always happy to help and advise.

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