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Queen’s Gate School is an independent day school for girls in Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London. Founded in 1891 by Eleanor Beatrice Wyatt, it is noted as a high-performing school with a rich tradition. [1]


Queen’s Gate sets high expectations for girls and tailors the curriculum accordingly. Challenging yet inspiring, the academic provision covers a number of departments, including science, humanities, mathematics and PSCHE. Through the PSCHE programme, the school enables girls to acquire key skills and attitudes that help them develop into responsible citizens of modern society. 


Beyond the classroom, students get to inquire into their learning capacity even further, engaging in activities that are both fun and beneficial. Everything from gardening and STEM Club to songwriting and the Duke of Edinburgh Award is on offer, maximising pupils’ cognitive and creative development through a thorough exploration of individual interests.


Sporting activities are greatly sought after, typically ranging from hockey and tennis to fencing and yoga. The Queen’s Gate high standards of sporting provision have contributed to many national and international successes. [2


Excursions and expeditions are considered an extension of the curriculum, hence their appeal among girls is as strong as their relevance to the educational offering. In the past, Queen’s Gate has included trips to Israel, Tanzania, Norway and South Africa, ensuring that pupils apply theoretical knowledge to a much broader understanding of the complexities that characterise contemporary life and its multicultural dimensions.


Queen’s Gate School 11 Plus Exam Information


Registration Closing Date: November

Exam Board Type: ISEB Common Pretest

Deadline for taking the ISEB Pretest: December 10th

Results Date: February


Queen’s Gate School 11 Plus Admissions Criteria


Queen’s Gate is one of the 14-member schools that make up the London 11 Plus Consortium. At 11+, they all administer the same computer-based assessment, designed to assess girls’ current attainment and potential.


Students who perform well in the assessment will be invited to the school to attend an interview, which will provide them with an opportunity to showcase their intelligence and creativity in a conversation with the school staff. A reference from their current school will be requested.


It is The London Consortium’s policy to offer places based on a student’s overall performance in the entrance test, interview and reference. Therefore, entry to Year 7 entry is not determined by performance in the exam alone. Queen’s Gate School will consider all three elements before deciding on place allocation.


If you have any further questions about Queen’s Gate School’s Year 7 admissions process, simply contact the Registrar on 020 7594 4982, or email.


How to Apply for 11 plus Entry to Queen’s Gate School


Prior to registering your daughter with the school, Queen’s Gate encourages you to book a spot for one of their Open Events, which typically take place in the Spring and Autumn terms. You can pre-register for one of these events via the school’s website.


If you wish to proceed with the admissions process, you should download and complete the registration form and pay the £150 registration fee.


Queen’s Gate School Year 7 entry, 11 plus Assessment


The London Consortium has replaced its bespoke Cognitive Abilities Test with an online exam created by GL Assessment. This exam is called ISEB Common Pretest and it covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


Consisting of multiple questions, the ISEB Common Pretest will test your daughter’s comprehension skills, mathematical ability, problem solving with words and thinking with shapes, space, diagrams and pictures.


The 11+ entrance exam at Queen’s Gate School will not include a writing component.


Your daughter can take the test at any school in the Consortium. If available, the test can also be sat at her current school.


How to Prepare for the Queen’s Gate School 11 plus Entrance Test


Whatever a student’s current attainment level, investing additional time for preparation in the lead-up to the entrance test will likely improve their confidence ahead of the actual exam. Through our sister company, Pretest Plus, we produce highly accurate resources which replicate the format, structure and timings of this online exam.



Click here to view our full list of recommendations specifically designed to help students prepare for the new London Consortium 11 plus exam.



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Queen’s Gate School 11+ past papers. The information provided about Queen’s Gate School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


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