*NEW* 11+ Entry to QE Boys, Barnet // Full Practice Tests



We’ve just released five new practice tests:


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 1

11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 2

11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 3

11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 4

11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 5


These packs provide an extremely efficient, effective and proven approach to exam preparation.


Who are these practice tests for?


– Students preparing for the 11+ Exam at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet, also known as ‘QE Boys’.


How will these practice tests help my child?


QE Boys is one of the most sought after grammar schools in the UK. The competition ratio of applicants to places is extremely high.


Their entrance exam consists of Maths and English tests in the GL Assessment format. These tests are known to be especially tough, allowing the school to differentiate between candidates at the highest level.


As such, it’s beneficial for students to be prepared for the challenge ahead by familiarising themselves with material pitched at the correct level.


That’s why we created these five practice tests. They are specifically designed to replicate the format, style, question types and difficulty level that your child can expect if he takes the QE Boys 11+ Exam.


We’ve made sure the practice tests are as accurate as possible, including questions that have come up in this exam in previous years. Every small detail has been addressed, including wording, fonts, answer sheet layouts and more.


Simply put, these practice tests represent the best possible preparation for your child as he approaches the QE Boys 11+ Exam.


If your son is going to take this test, it makes sense to equip him with the best possible tools to maximise his chance of success.


That’s what we work hard to provide here at Exam Papers Plus. Don’t settle for second best.


What’s included in each pack?


Each pack consists of a full length practice test: Maths paper, English paper, answers and answer sheets.


These are available for download, print and use immediately after purchase.


How should I use these practice tests for maximum benefit?


We recommend that your child takes these tests under exam conditions, like a mock exam.


Each practice test can be used as a diagnostic to make progressive improvement over time by following the steps below.


Once he has completed the first practice test, you can use the answers provided to mark his work and identify which questions he struggled with.


You can then reinforce these weaker areas with our topic specific packs for both Maths and English. You can view a full list of these here. Almost all of these packs come with accompanying video tutorials to support your child as he improves.


For example, if he found the punctuation questions in the practice test challenging, you can brush up on this skill with this pack.


Or if he got some of the fractions questions wrong, you could improve this topic quickly using this pack.


Once you’ve reinforced these weaker areas, you can move on to Practice Test 2 and follow the same procedure.


Click the links below to learn more and purchase these practice tests. Remember you can use the code eppdiscount to get 10% off if you order them all together.


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 1


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 2


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 3


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 4


11+ QE Boys, Practice Test 5



We hope you find these new resources beneficial. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, get in touch!

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