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*NEW* Writing Marking Service From 7+ To 12+

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We are incredibly excited to let you know about a new service that we’ve just launched:


The Writing Marking Service


This is designed for students taking 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ or 12+ exams.


The majority of schools will assess your child’s writing as part of the admissions process.


In our experience, many parents find helping their child with the writing task to be the trickiest part of exam preparation.


It can be difficult to understand the criteria by which your child’s writing is being judged. This makes it hard to work out if they are working at the correct level based on the school you are targeting. Furthermore, it’s not easy to help your child to pinpoint the specific areas they need to work on.


Even if you are a great writer yourself, writing in a timed examination format is quite different and there are many specific techniques to be aware of. 


Every day, we receive numerous emails asking for tips, advice and feedback on this specific topic. So we decided to launch this new service to specifically address this pain point!


How does the Writing Marking Service work?


Based on our wealth of experience in this field, we’ve devised a specific method to remove stress from the process and guide you and your child to success.


Here’s how it works:



  • Step 2
    Have your child complete the first writing task. Full instructions are provided within the pack.


  • Step 3
    Email us a photo or scanned copy of your child’s work. Don’t forget to include the target school you are aiming for so we can provide tailored feedback!


  • Step 4
    We will mark your child’s writing and send you a detailed report, packed full of insights, advice and guidance. We will also provide you with context on your child’s current level in relation to the school you are targeting for entry.


  • Step 5
    Go through the report with your child and make sure they understand all the recommendations provided.


  • Step 6
    Have your child complete the second writing task in the pack, which will give them the opportunity to implement the lessons they have learned.


  • Step 7
    Email us a photo or scanned copy of the second writing task.


  • Step 8
    We will once again mark your child’s writing and provide you with a detailed report, focusing on the improvements they have made and highlighting areas that may still need work.


We will send back marked papers and reports within 7 days of when you send your child’s work to us.


There is no expiry so you can purchase the prompts you are interested in now and send us your child’s work to mark at any point in the future.


Which genres and age levels are covered?


The service covers the 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+ entrance levels.


You can select from the following writing genres:


– Story Writing

– Letter Writing

– Diary Entry

– Description

– Story Title

– Picture Response

– Video Response

– Discursive (11+ and 12+ only)


Click here to learn more.


Key Benefits


The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and efficiency. As a parent, you can choose the age level, genre and school you wish to target.


For example, you may choose the 7+ Video Response Pack with City of London Freemen’s as your target.


Or you can select the 8+ Letter Writing Pack with Westminster Under School as your target.


Or you could choose the 11+ Diary Entries Pack with Wilson’s School (Stage 2) as your top choice.


Or perhaps the 11+ Discursive Pack with Latymer Upper School as your main focus.


In each case, you will receive crystal clear guidance within the context of the age level, genre and school choice so you know exactly what your next steps should be. Furthermore, since there are two marked prompts included in every pack, your child will be able to implement what they have learned and you will be able to clearly track their progress towards the eventual goal.




There are no discount codes available for the Writing Marking Service.


However, we’ve created some bundles that contain all the packs relating to each age level. If you purchase these bundles, you can save 20% compared to buying each pack individually.


Click the links below to learn more:


7+ Writing Marking Service Bundle


8+ Writing Marking Service Bundle

9+ Writing Marking Service Bundle

10+ Writing Marking Service Bundle

11+ Writing Marking Service Bundle

12+ Writing Marking Service Bundle


We hope you find this new service beneficial! As ever, let us know if you have any questions.

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