London Consortium 11+ (11 plus) CEM Exam – How to Prepare


As you may know, The London Consortium of schools have recently changed their exam format. In this email, I’ll provide some more information about the new exam and some suggestions on how best to prepare.


The schools in the Consortium have created a website that contains plenty of useful information about their shared examination process. This information reveals that their new exam is created for them by the publishing board CEM.


The exam is therefore likely to share a number of similarities with the 11+ exam that CEM creates for numerous grammar schools across the country.


This is emphasized by the fact that the official familiarisation material provided for the London Consortium exam is identical to that provided for the 11+ CEM grammar school exam.


Here at Exam Papers Plus, we specialise in producing resources that are specifically designed to help students prepare for CEM exams, like the London Consortium 11 plus test.


Whatever your child’s current attainment level, investing some additional time into preparation in the lead-up to the entrance test is likely to improve their performance in the actual exam.


At a minimum, being familiar with CEM question types, as well as the specific ways that answers must be recorded in the new London Consortium exam, will help your child approach their assessment with confidence.


As the assessment will focus on Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, we highly recommend our selection of eleven plus papers that are designed in the CEM style for these three subjects.


All our packs include answers so you can quickly check your child’s work and identify where they might need additional focus and improvement.


Click here to view a specific list of recommendations for the London Consortium 11+ exam.



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