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11+ CEM Full Practice Tests – Further details and information


This article contains further information about the following two products:


11+ CEM Practice Test 1


11+ CEM Practice Test 2


These are full CEM practice tests that cover all subjects: Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning.


For quite some time, we’ve been researching and developing these papers to ensure that they are the most accurate and up to date CEM practice papers available on the market.


Who are these papers designed for?


These papers will prove immensely beneficial if your child is taking one of the following CEM exams:


1) The new 11+ London Consortiumexam, which is created by CEM.


2 )11+ CEM grammar school exams. If you’re not sure if the grammar school/s you are applying for use CEM, contact us and we’ll be happy to confirm for you.


3) Online CEM pre-tests. These are used by some independent schools such as SPGS and JAGS. They are also used for Late Transfer entry in some grammar school regions, like in Buckinghamshire. Once again, if you’re unsure, get in touch and we can advise accordingly.


What do these packs contain?


Each pack contains two parts: Paper A and Paper B. Each paper covers Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning in smaller timed sections, just like in an actual CEM assessment.


The complete breakdown of each paper is as follows:


11+ CEM Practice Test 1


Paper A

Word Choice – synonyms
Comprehension – multiple-choice
Pictures – figure matrices
Maths 1– open answer
Maths 2– multiple-choice


Paper B

Word Choice 1– antonyms
Maths– long maths
Pictures– sequences
Reading– word cloze
Word Choice 2– shuffled sentences
Word Choice 3 – associations


11+ CEM Practice Test 2


Paper A

Word Choice – synonyms
Maths 1 – multiple-choice
Pictures– image combinations
Comprehension – multiple-choice
Maths 2– open answer


Paper B

Word Choice 1– antonyms
Reading– sentence cloze
Pictures– reflection and odd one out
Maths– long maths
Word Choice 2– definitions
Word Choice 3– adjective associations


Each pack comes with answer sheets so your child can get used to marking their answers exactly as they will need to in the actual exam, both in multiple-choice and in CEM’s unique open-answer format.


Answers are included.


How will these packs benefit my child?


Our 11+ CEM resources have proved immensely popular. However, they have so far all been targeted on specific parts of the test.


These new packs are designed to provide an accurate representation of what a full 11+ CEM exam will be like.


By familiarising your child with the format and styles of questions, you can help remove stress from the exam preparation process and ensure that they perform to their maximum potential.


We’ve paid attention to all details such as question wording, timings, structure, section formats, symbols, fonts, page layouts and even grayscale tones and shading!


As such, we’re confident that these papers afford the most efficient and effective way to prepare for a CEM 11+ assessment.


Click below to learn more and purchase:


11+ CEM Practice Test 1

11+ CEM Practice Test 2

We hope you find these resources beneficial!

By Exam Papers Plus


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