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*NEW* 11+ Exam Trafford Grammar Schools Practice Tests 1-10

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We’ve just released ten new practice tests:


11+ Trafford Practice Test 1

11+ Trafford Practice Test 2

11+ Trafford Practice Test 3

11+ Trafford Practice Test 4

11+ Trafford Practice Test 5

11+ Trafford Practice Test 6

11+ Trafford Practice Test 7

11+ Trafford Practice Test 8

11+ Trafford Practice Test 9

11+ Trafford Practice Test 10




11+ Trafford Grammar Schools Full Practice Tests Bundle – Save 20%


Who are these practice tests for?


These practice tests are specifically designed for students taking the 11+ Exam in 2023 for entry to Grammar Schools in Trafford.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?


The grammar schools in Trafford have changed their exam format for 2024 entry onwards. 


Instead of CEM, they will use a new exam board: GL Assessment. 


Our new practice tests are designed to familiarise your child with the timings, question types, and difficulty level of the new exam format.


So what does the new test assess?


The new exam covers three topics:


  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal + Spatial Reasoning


These topics are covered in short, timed sections across two papers, which are each approximately 60 minutes long. All the topics are tested in both of the papers.


We’ve made sure to replicate this unique format in our practice tests so your child can become accustomed to dealing with this style of testing.


Each section is preceded by practice and sample questions for your child to try. We’ve included these in our new papers to ensure they are as accurate as possible.


Additionally, we’ve made certain to include all the key question types, including new and unusual ones you won’t find elsewhere, so there are no surprises for your child on exam day.



These practice tests include questions written by an actual GL Assessment question writer, ensuring they are as accurate as possible. Some of the question types included are relatively new and not well known. You won’t find them in other practice resources.


While we recommend working through the official GL Assessment familiarisation material with your child, it’s essential to note that these materials are generic for all GL 11+ Exams and don’t provide a fully accurate representation of the exam your child will take in Trafford.


Our practice tests are tailored to match the timings and layout of the Trafford exam, including new question types not shown in the familiarisation material but are likely to come up in the exam. 


These mock tests will therefore provide your child with highly effective practice and a significant advantage over their peers.


Our practice tests will inform you of exactly what your child needs to know and cover, removing stress from the exam preparation process and allowing your child to approach their exam with increased confidence. 


Answer sheets replicating the actual exam format and answers for every question are also included.





Across the ten practice tests, we’ve made sure to cover all the known question types that could come up in the exam. Each practice test is pitched at the same difficulty level, so you can use them to benchmark your child’s progress over time.


For these reasons, we highly recommend getting hold of our Bundle of all ten practice tests, saving you 20% compared to purchasing each test individually.


11+ Trafford Full Practice Tests Bundle

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