*NEW* 11+ Sutton SET Practice Tests 16-20 // Key Features



We’ve just released five brand new packs to help your child prepare for the upcoming 11+ Sutton (SET) Exam. 


These new practice tests follow the latest format guidelines for both Maths and English exams:


11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 16

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 17

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 18

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 19

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 20


Each of these packs contains completely new and original questions, with no overlap or duplication of any of our existing resources.


Who are these packs for?


The Selective Eligibility Test is used as the first stage of assessment by a number of competitive grammar schools in the Surrey area:


Nonsuch High School for Girls

Sutton Grammar School for Boys

Wallington County Grammar School

Wallington High School for Girls

Wilson’s School

Greenshaw High School


It’s important for students to perform well in this test as the majority of candidates will not make it through to the second round.


It’s especially important at Wallington County Grammar School as they no longer have a second round test, meaning that offers are sent out solely based on performance in the SET.


Click here to learn how to prepare for the assessments used by the grammar schools in Sutton.


What’s included in these packs?


As with all our resources, we’ve focused on making these new practice tests as accurate as possible, using the same format, timings and question types as the actual exam.


We’ve even included answer sheets that exactly match those your child will use on test day.




New guidelines were released for this year’s Sutton SET English exam. There will be four sections: A, B, C and D.


Section A focuses on Spelling. (Check out this pack for targeted Spelling practice for the SET)


Sections B and C focus on specific texts.


Section D focuses on comparing the texts in Sections B and C.


We’ve followed these new guidelines to create Tests 16-20 to ensure they are as accurate as possible given the information available.


Each English test is broken down into Sections A, B, C and D, replicating the new format and questions styles provided by the Sutton schools.


It’s worth noting that whilst the format of the exam has changed, it’s quite likely that many of the same skills will be tested as in previous years. These could include: adjective selection, word classification, grammar, odd one out, spelling, homophones, punctuation, prefixes, suffixes, correct contexts, synonyms, antonyms, literary techniques, cloze and comprehension.


The key changes are related to multiple answer questions and comparing texts. You can read more about these here.




In the Maths test, the full syllabus is covered including a number of tricky questions designed to help your child develop their mathematical reasoning and confidence.


The Maths test is quite time pressured with 45 minutes provided to answer 50 questions. For many questions, it’s possible to use different techniques to arrive at the correct answer.


The key to doing well in this exam is to not only work accurately but to identify the fastest possible technique to use for each question.


For example, below is a question that appears in Test 18. On the face of it, it’s not an exceptionally difficult problem. However, there are different approaches that one could take to arrive at the correct answer. The fastest method is going to save your child 30-60 seconds that can then be spent on another, more challenging question.


Let 5* = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1


What is the value of 9* ÷ 5*?


A 5136

B 3244

C 6028

D 4260

E 3024


In an exam as competitive as the SET, benefitting from these small advantages can stack up and make a big difference to the overall outcome.


As such, we’ve made sure to include questions that allow your child to hone and refine their exam technique.


Answers and replica answer sheets are also included with all our practice tests.



Click the links below to learn more and purchase:


11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 16

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 17

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 18

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 19

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 20



If you buy all five practice tests together, you can use the code eppdiscount to get 10% off.

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