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Located in the London Borough of Sutton, Wallington County Grammar School is a boys-only grammar for pupils aged 11-18. Founded in 1927, the school gained academy status in 2011 and has a roll of over 800 pupils.


Rated across all areas as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, the school aims to build independent, self-motivated learners through a combination of a challenging curriculum and a selection of co-curricular activities, including sports, Student Council and various charitable events.


11 Plus Exam Information for Wallington County Grammar School


Address: Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, Wallington SM6 7PH

County: London – Borough of Sutton

Admissions Info: admissions@wcgs.org.uk, 0208 647 2235

School Type: Boys’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 885 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 150

Open Day Date: July

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Selective Eligibility Test (SET), Multiple Choice Maths and English


Wallington County Grammar School 11 Plus Admissions


Wallington County Grammar School is part of the Pan-London Coordinated Admissions Scheme, which means admission to the school is determined by pupil performance in the Selective Eligibility Test (SET), similar to the standard 11 Plus exam. With 150 places available at Year 7, the school encourages prospective students and their parents to attend one of their open events, which usually take place in July. At the open events, parents and students can learn more about the admissions process and have an opportunity to tour the school and speak to staff.


Wallington County Grammar is consistently oversubscribed, so in the likely event of there being more applications than there are places, the school uses the following oversubscription criteria, giving priority to:


  1. Children who are looked after by a local authority (LA)
  2. Children in rank order of performance in the SET
  3. Children eligible for free school meals (up to 15 places)
  4. Children who live in one of the school’s designated postcodes
  5. Children of permanent staff who work at the Folio Education Trust


Parents are advised to thoroughly read Wallington County Grammar’s admissions criteria before taking their son’s application further.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Wallington County Grammar School


Parents who wish to register their son to sit the SET must complete a Supplementary Form, which can be found on the school’s website when registration is open. To apply for a place at the school, parents must complete the Common Application Form (CAF) issued by their LA.


Those who live in London, or Surrey, can complete the CAF online.  Only one form needs to be completed, even if you are applying to more than one school in the Sutton area.


Parents will receive information on the outcome of the SET in late September.


Wallington County Grammar School Catchment Area


Does Wallington County Grammar School have a catchment area?


The school doesn’t have a catchment area.


Wallington County Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Format


Unlike other schools in the Sutton area, Wallington County Grammar does not run a second stage entrance exam. Therefore, prospective pupils can expect to sit just one exam.


This exam consists of two multiple choice papers in maths and English, with each lasting approximately 45 minutes.


How to Prepare for the Wallington County Grammar School 11 Plus Exam?


Wallington County Grammar School is one of the five fully-selective grammar schools in Sutton that don’t reveal the details of their entrance exam provider.


Using our online practice papers will help ensure that children have the best possible chance of securing a Year 7 place at Wallington County Grammar. Students should start their revision early and use these papers to identify any weaker areas that require additional work before the exam.


Wallington County Grammar has reported that there are over 10 applications for each Year 7 place, so for students to get ahead of the competition, we would recommend using the following practice tests, which have been specifically designed to help students prepare for the Selective Eligibility Test:


Stage 1 SET – Full Practice Tests


11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 1

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 2 

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 3

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 4

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 5

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 6

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 7

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 8

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 9

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 10

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 11

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 12

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 13

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 14

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 15

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 16

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 17

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 18

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 19

11+ Sutton (SET) Practice Test 20


Targeted Practice for the Stage 1 SET English Test


Skill Specific Practice

11+ Sutton: Comparing Texts (Pack 1)

11+ Sutton: Comparing Texts (Pack 2)

11+ Sutton + Kingston: Prefixes and Suffixes

11+ Sutton + Kingston: Synonyms and Antonyms

11+ Sutton + Kingston: Spelling

11+ Sutton + Kingston: Odd One Out

11+ Sutton: Homophones

11+ Sutton: Language

11+ Sutton: Cloze

11+ Sutton: Comprehension


Targeted Practice for the Stage 1 SET Mathematics Test


Full Practice Tests

11+ Maths (Pack 1)

11+ Maths (Pack 2)

11+ Maths (Pack 3)

11+ Maths (Pack 4)

Skill specific practice

11+ Algebra

11+ Angles & Degrees


11+ Estimation & Place Value

11+ Factors & Multiples

11+ Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

11+ Measurements

11+ Money

11+ Operations

11+ Perimeter, Area & Volume

11+ Position & Direction

11+ Probability

11+ Problem Solving (Pack 1)

11+ Problem Solving (Pack 2)

11+ Properties of Shapes

11+ Ratio & Proportion

11+ Reflection, Rotation & Symmetry

11+ Sequences

11+ Special Numbers

11+ Speed, Distance & Time

11+ Statistics


11+ Maths (GL) Masterclass



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Wallington County Grammar School 11+ past papers. The information provided about Wallington County Grammar School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post. Exam Papers Plus is an independent publisher of high quality practice tests and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Wallington County Grammar School.

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