11+ Lincolnshire Practice Tests – Key Benefits




We have five full practice tests for the Lincolnshire 11+ Exam:


11+ Lincolnshire Practice Test 1  (89 pages)


11+ Lincolnshire Practice Test 2  (105 pages)


11+ Lincolnshire Practice Test 3  (103 pages)


11+ Lincolnshire Practice Test 4  (96 pages)


11+ Lincolnshire Practice Test 5  (98 pages)


Are these practice tests relevant for my child?


These practice tests have been specifically designed for students seeking entry to the following schools:



Which subjects are covered in the Lincolnshire 11+ Exam?


The Lincolnshire 11+ Exam is created by GL Assessment. It covers Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning in multiple-choice format.


The test consists of two exam papers. The first paper covers Verbal Reasoning. It is 50 minutes long and includes 80 questions. A wide variety of question types are covered in short sections.


The second paper is taken one week later. It covers Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning. There are five sections in the paper. Each section is 7 minutes long and contains 14 questions. The first three sections cover Non-Verbal Reasoning. The last two sections cover Spatial Reasoning.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?


These new practice tests:


– replicate the format, question types, timings and style of the actual Lincolnshire 11+ Exam.


– provide your child with accurate familiarisation, allowing them to approach their exam with confidence.


– cover all the topics that could come up in the actual exam, including new Verbal and Spatial Lincolnshire question types that you won’t find anywhere else.


– use the exact timings for each section of the actual test so your child can get used to pacing themselves correctly.


– include replica answer sheets so your child can mark their answers exactly as they will need to do so in the actual test.


– include answers so you can mark your child’s work quickly and accurately.


– each contain unique questions but are all pitched at the same exam level difficulty so you can use them to benchmark your child’s progress.


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