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Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information

Founded in 1910, Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School (KGGS) is a girls-only grammar school located in the Lincolnshire market town of Grantham. A selective academy, KGGS currently teaches over 1,100 girls aged 11-18.


Students are split across six houses that compete with each other across the school year in events such as sports, public speaking and dance shows.



11 Plus Exam Information for Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School



Address: Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School, Sandon Road, Grantham NG31 9AU

County: Lincolnshire

Admissions Info: [email protected], 01476 563017

School Type: Girls’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 1,157 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 175

Open Day Date: July

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment


Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School 11 Plus Admissions



Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School is part of the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools, although it coordinates its 11+ testing directly. With 175 places available at Year 7, in the event of oversubscription, the school will apply the following criteria in order of priority:


  1. The child is in the care of the local authority or has previously been in care.
  2. The child has a sibling at the school at the time of application.
  3. Children living nearest to the school.


For more information about KGGS’s admissions process, visit the school’s website.



How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School



To apply for a Year 7 place at Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School, parents should initially visit the Local Authority (LA) website to register their interest in a place. Next, download and complete the school’s registration form to book your child’s place in the 11 Plus exam.


Parents will receive exam results via post in October, ahead of the deadline for returning the parental preference form to the local authority. In March of the following year, the local authority will send out place offers based on the preferences submitted on the application form.



Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School 11 Plus Exam Format



The 11 Plus test for Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School consists of two multiple-choice papers. The Non-Verbal Reasoning test is sat one week after the Verbal Reasoning test.


  • Verbal Reasoning – this 50-minute test is made-up of 80 questions.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – this 40-minute test is made-up of 70 questions and is split into five sections. Once a section has been completed, students cannot move onto the next one until they are told to do so. Two of the five sections cover Spatial Reasoning.


How to Prepare for the Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School 11 Plus Exam?



Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School is a popular Lincolnshire grammar, so parents must prepare their daughter for the 11 Plus exam well ahead of the exam dates. KGGS’s 11 Plus tests focus on reasoning, so we would recommend reading the following articles ahead of your child’s revision sessions:


11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Exam Preparation

11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Advice


If your daughter is worried about sitting the 11+, practice exam papers can be an effective way of increasing her confidence, as they help students become familiar with the layout of the questions. Practice papers can also highlight any time management problems, so consider setting timed papers to help improve these much-needed skills.


Practice Exam Papers for the Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School 11 Plus Exam


Our 11 Plus practice tests can help your child to prepare for the Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School exam. We would specifically recommend the following resources:


11+ Verbal Reasoning: Pack 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning: Pack 2

11+ Verbal Reasoning: Pack 3

11+ Verbal Reasoning: Pack 4


11+ Non Verbal Reasoning: Pack 1


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The information provided about Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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