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*NEW* Buckinghamshire Pre-11+ Secondary Transfer Test (STT) Practice

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of these brand new practice tests:


Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Test 1

Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Test 2

Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Test 3

Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Test 4

Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Test 5




Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire – Full Practice Test Bundle – Save 15%


What is Pre-11+?


Many parents of students in Years 4 and 5 have been in touch to request school-specific, accurate practice material at a slightly easier level than the actual 11+ Exam.


In response, we have launched the Pre-11+ category.


Pre-11+ products are designed for students in Years 4 and 5, who are preparing for the 11+ Exam.


They are designed to match the format, structure and timings of the actual exam. However, the questions are slightly easier than in our 11+ resources.


This allows your child to develop early familiarity with the actual exam format so they know exactly what is expected of them.


Students will be able to build strong foundations and confidence before moving on to the relevant 11+ range of products.


The Pre-11+ range will provide your child with ideal, age-appropriate familiarisation, allowing you to take a more gradual and effective approach to 11+ exam preparation.


We will be releasing many more Pre-11+ products over the coming months.


How will these products benefit my child?


Following the same format as the Buckingham Secondary Transfer Test, each of the five practice tests contains over 100 pages of unique content, across two papers:


  1. Verbal Skills – covering comprehension, technical english and verbal reasoning.
  2. Mathematical and Non-Verbal Skills – covering non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and mathematics.


These new Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Tests each consist of one full Practice Test including:


  • Mathematics: the full syllabus is addressed using known styles of questioning and plenty of challenging material.
  • English: comprehension (both modern and older fiction) as well as spelling, punctuation and sentence completion are covered.
  • Verbal Reasoning: all known question types are covered including new ones such as Shuffled Sentences and Anagrams.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: all known question types are covered including figure and star matrices, odd one out, triangle pairs, classification, analogies and sequences.
  • Spatial Reasoning: all known question types are covered including new ones that you won’t find elsewhere.


Answers and answer sheets are included.


They are designed to be slightly easier than the actual Buckinghamshire exam so your child can build confidence and get used to the exam format before moving on to our 11+ Practice Tests here. To view our full range of recommendations for the Buckinghamshire 11+ Exam, please click here.


We’ve ensured that these new practice tests are extremely accurate, but at a slightly easier level than 11+.


Here are just a few examples of the level of attention and detail these papers contain:


  1. Exact timings of the actual test are used, not only for each section but also for each practice section, where relevant.
  2. New question types that you won’t find elsewhere. For example, new GL Spatial question types created for us by actual GL experts who write the questions for the actual exams.
  3. Answer sheets have been replicated exactly so your child can get used to marking their answers as they will need to in the actual test. Answer sheets either display letters or actual answers, matching the format of each section of the actual test.
  4. Each timed section is presented in the same order as it will be in the actual test.


Familiarity with the format, which these new Pre-11+ products will provide, will undoubtedly put your child in a stronger position on exam day.





Click the link below to purchase a set of all five of our Pre-11+ Buckinghamshire Practice Tests, saving 15% compared to buying each test individually:



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