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We’ve just released a new pack:


9+ English: Rewrite & Improve


This pack is designed to help your child improve their writing in a bitesized and approachable manner.


Who is this new pack for?


Pupils preparing to sit 9+ English exams that contain a writing component.


What does the pack contain?


The pack contains 30 Writing Tasks. Model answers are provided for each one so you have a good idea of the expected level.


Plenty of advice, guidelines and suggestions are also included with each Writing Task.


You can view a sample Writing Task by clicking on the link below:


SAMPLE: 9+ English: Rewrite & Improve


How will this pack benefit my child?


Last year saw the introduction of this new question type in some exams. It involved reading a short passage and then rewriting and improving it. Marks are awarded for improving vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation.


This new pack has been created so children can familiarise themselves with this new question type. Here are some of the key benefits:


  • Each bitesized task requires your child to think actively and carefully about their choice of vocabulary and punctuation.
  • By analysing the passages critically, children quickly develop key skills that help them differentiate between excellent and poor quality writing.
  • These skills are broadly transferable across all elements of the 9+ English exams, such as comprehension and more traditional writing tasks.



Our full Rewrite & Improve range now stands as follows:


7+ English: Rewrite & Improve


8+ English: Rewrite & Improve


9+ English: Rewrite & Improve


10+ English: Rewrite & Improve


11+ English: Rewrite & Improve



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