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*NEW* 11+ Tiffin – Stage One – Pack || Missing First Line

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We’ve just released a new pack:


11+ Tiffin Stage One: Missing First Line


Who is this pack for?


It’s designed for students preparing for the 11+ Stage One Exam for Tiffin School or The Tiffin Girls’ School.


What is ‘Missing First Line’?


‘Missing First Line’ is a new question type that has appeared in the Tiffin Stage One English test in recent years.


We believe there’s a good chance it comes up again this year.


Candidates are shown a series of passages from which the first sentence has been removed.


For each passage, they must choose the missing first line from a selection of answer choices.


Click here to view a sample questions, as well as the layout of the replica answer sheets.


How will this pack benefit my child?


This question type is new, unusual and tricky.


It’s unique to Tiffin and your child probably won’t have come across it before.


In an exam as competitive as Tiffin, you want to make sure all the bases are covered and that your child is familiar with every possible question type they could face on exam day.


Familiarity leads to confidence, which leads to success.


That’s why we created this pack. It will:


  • provide your child with targeted practice for this new question type so they can deal with it confidently on exam day.
  • broaden your child’s exposure to various styles of passages and openings.
  • develop your child’s ability to make smart, contextualised choices from the given answer options.
  • allow your child to practise marking their answers just like they will need to on exam day.


What’s included in this pack?


  • 20 Practice Tests targeting the ‘Missing First Line’ question type
  • Over 250 pages of high-quality content
  • Answers for every question so you can mark your child’s work quickly
  • Replica answer sheets that match the exam format exactly


Click here to learn more and buy this pack.


It is available for download, print and use immediately after purchase.


Our full range of Tiffin Stage One English question type packs now stands as follows:


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11+ Tiffin: Sentence Meaning

11+ Sutton & Tiffin: Prefixes and Suffixes

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11+ Sutton & Tiffin: Spelling

11+ Sutton & Tiffin: Odd One Out


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