11+ Sutton: Comprehension + Cloze




In this article, we’ll explain how the following two products will benefit your child:


11+ Sutton (SET): Cloze


11+ Sutton (SET): Comprehension


Why are these packs important?


The first round test used by grammar schools in Sutton is known as the Selective Eligibility Test (SET). This exam includes a multiple-choice English test. 


Over 35% of the marks in this English test are allocated to questions that test cloze (sentence completion) and comprehension.


As such, it’s vital that your child has a solid understanding of how to deal with these types of questions accurately and efficiently.


  • Fact 1: Entrance to grammar schools in Sutton is fiercely competitive.
  • Fact 2: Over a third of the marks in the English test involve comprehension and cloze.


Given these two facts, there is no doubt that improving comprehension and cloze skills is key to doing well in the 11+ SET.


How will these packs benefit my child?


The 11+ Selective Eligibility Test assesses comprehension and cloze using specific question types.


We’ve made sure to cover these exact styles in these two packs, allowing your child to familiarise themselves with the actual types of questions that come up in the exam.


Therefore, they will be able to approach their exam with confidence.


These packs will provide targeted and efficient preparation for the 11+ SET that you won’t find elsewhere.


What’s included in these packs?


Each pack includes 24 practice tests covering a huge range of texts and styles. Your child will therefore be exposed to a wide variety of passages, question types and vocabulary.


Answers and answer sheets are included so they can get used to marking their answers exactly as they will need to in the actual exam.


The Cloze pack has a total length of 156 pages.


The Comprehension pack has a total length of 198 pages.


We have specific resources to cover every element of the 11+ SET English exam.


If you’ve used some of our full length Sutton Practice Tests and noticed that your child struggles with a particular question type, we would recommend the targeted packs below:



11+ Sutton + Kingston: Prefixes and Suffixes


11+ Sutton + Kingston: Synonyms and Antonyms


11+ Sutton + Kingston: Spelling


11+ Sutton + Kingston: Odd One Out


11+ Sutton: Homophones


11+ Sutton: Language


11+ Sutton: Comprehension


11+ Sutton: Cloze


What about Comprehension and Cloze practice for GL and CEM 11+ exams?


The Sutton schools create their own tests, using their own question types. They don’t use tests created by the GL and CEM exam boards.


However, if your child is targeting a school that uses GL or CEM, we would recommend the following targeted resources:



GL Comprehension



11+ Comprehension (GL)



GL Cloze



11+ Sentence Completion (GL)



CEM Comprehension



11+ Comprehension (CEM) Pack 1 – Fiction


11+ Comprehension (CEM) Pack 2 – Non-Fiction


11+ Comprehension (CEM) Pack 3 – Poetry



CEM Cloze



11+ Cloze (CEM) Pack 1 – Words


11+ Cloze (CEM) Pack 2 – Sentences




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We hope you find these packs beneficial. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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