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Founded in 1933, St Anselm’s College is a Roman Catholic all-boys’ grammar school based in Birkenhead, Merseyside. The school currently teaches over 900 pupils aged between 11 and 18 and has had academy status since 2011.


St. Anselm’s provides a broad and balanced curriculum and has built on its background as a technology college to prepare its pupils for modern life. Away from academia, the College values pupil participation in a range of sporting and extracurricular pursuits, enabling students to develop their talents.


11 Plus Exam Information for St. Anselm’s College


Address: St Anselm’s College, Manor Hill, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH43 1UQ

County: Merseyside

Admissions Info:, 0151 652 1408

School Type: Boys’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 907

Number of Places in Year 7: 140

Open Day Date: June, September

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Set by School


St. Anselm’s College 11 Plus Admissions


St. Anselm’s administers its own entrance test for its 140 Year 7 places and admission is based on student performance in this eleven plus exam.


Competition for Year 7 places at the school is high, with over eight applications for every Year 7 place. In cases where the school is oversubscribed, the following admissions criteria are used, giving priority to:


  1. Baptised Catholic boys, living in the relevant area (defined as Wirral, Cheshire West and Chester and any other areas within 5 miles of the College).
  2. Baptised Christian, non-Catholic boys, living in the relevant area.
  3. Non-Catholic boys whose parents wish them to have a Catholic education.


The school’s full admissions policy can be downloaded directly from their website.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to St. Anselm’s College


To apply for a place at St. Anselm’s College, parents must complete two documents. The first, St. Anselm’s College’s Registration Form, can be found on the school’s website when registration opens. This form must be completed and returned to the school, along with a copy of the student’s baptismal certificate, if applicable.


Secondly, parents must complete a Parental Preference Form from Wirral Local Authority. Parents will receive 11+ test results in October and Year 7 places will be allocated in March of the following year.


St Anselm’s College Catchment Area


Does St Anselm’s College have a catchment area?


Yes, they do. For St Anselm’s College, the priority catchment area covers areas within 5 miles of the school, including Wirral, Cheshire West and Chester.


St. Anselm’s College 11 Plus Exam Format


The 11 Plus exam for St. Anselm’s College consists of three tests that cover:


  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Maths – 45 minutes, standard format
  3. English – 45 minutes, including comprehension with open answer questions


How to Prepare for the St. Anselm’s College 11 Plus Exam?


Eleven plus exam dates are set well in advance, which allows students plenty of time to prepare for the tests. The key to preparing well for the exam is to start revision early. Before students begin their revision, we recommend that parents read our 11 Plus guide for parents.


Competition for Year 7 places at St. Anselm’s College is high, so we recommend that students use practice exam papers as part of their study routine. These papers allow children to get a better idea of the 11+ exam layout and the types of questions they may be asked on the day. They also help parents identify any weaker areas that may need improving.


Practice Exam Papers for the St. Anselm’s College 11 Plus Exam


For students taking the St. Anselm’s College eleven plus exam, we highly recommend the following resources:


Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

Skill Specific Practice







Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice



Why do some of the recommendations above show me independent school papers?


The main difference between independent and grammar school papers is the question format. Independent schools usually assess with standard format questions, which means students need to write out full answers. Grammar schools usually use multiple-choice format questions.


Whilst St. Anselm’s College is a grammar school, they actually use the independent school (standard) format for their exams, which is why they are included in the recommendations above.



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in St. Anselm’s College 11+ past papers. The information provided about St. Anselm’s College was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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