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There often isn’t long between receiving the Tiffin Stage 1 exam results and the date of the Stage 2 exams. Therefore, it’s important to maximise your time and prepare your child efficiently. For that reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you and your child navigate this part of the exam preparation process. 


Tiffin Stage 2 Full Practice Resources


The following practice tests provide excellent mock exam preparation, highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Across the five practice tests, we’ve covered multiple variations of what you can expect on exam day.


Quite simply, these papers represent the most accurate and effective practice you will find for the Tiffin Stage 2 Exam.


11+ Tiffin (Stage 2) Practice Test 1

11+ Tiffin (Stage 2) Practice Test 2

11+ Tiffin (Stage 2) Practice Test 3

11+ Tiffin (Stage 2) Practice Test 4

11+ Tiffin (Stage 2) Practice Test 5


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11+ Tiffin Stage 2 Full Practice Bundle - Save 20%


Further Targeted Practice for the Tiffin Stage 2 Maths Exam


The Stage 2 Maths exam is in standard format, meaning your child needs to write out their working and answers, like in an independent school exam.


The test will begin with a few arithmetic questions followed by plenty of challenging word problems, covering topics such as time zones, speed/distance/time, simultaneous equations and algebra. 


The test is open answer and not multiple-choice. In terms of format, timing, question types and difficulty level, it’s going to be very similar to our independent school practice papers listed below.


Here’s our three-step plan to ace the Stage 2 Maths exam:


Step 1

To simulate a Stage 2 mock, the practice tests in the packs below will prove ideal. They come with detailed video solutions for every question so your child can learn and improve quickly. There’s no need to wait around for a tutor.


These tests are tried and tested. They’ve been used by thousands of students to successfully prepare for the Tiffin Stage 2 exams.


The tests will provide your child with invaluable timed exam practice whilst also acting as a diagnostic to identify areas to improve. See Step 3 below on how to address these potential weaknesses.


11+ Mathematics Pack 1

11+ Mathematics Pack 2

11+ Mathematics Pack 3

11+ Mathematics Pack 4


Step 2

Get hold of at least one of the packs below. Each one contains plenty of examples of the types of challenging problem solving questions you can expect towards the end of the Stage 2 exam.


These harder questions often tend to be the differentiator in the Stage 2 exam so it’s well worth getting familiar with the various styles and techniques required.


Step-by-step written explanations are provided for every question.


11+ Problem Solving Pack 1

11+ Problem Solving Pack 2


Step 3

When working through the material in Steps 1 and 2, you may find that your child struggles with one or two topics in particular.


In this case, select the relevant packs below to drill down on these weak areas.


Each of these packs contains 100 targeted topic-based questions designed in the same format as the questions in the Tiffin Stage 2 exam. As such, they are an extremely efficient tool to boost skills and understanding quickly.


You don’t need to work through all of these packs before the exam. Just select the key topics that need the most improvement and focus on those. Quality over quantity!


11+ Mental Arithmetic

11+ Algebra

11+ Angles & Degrees


11+ Estimation & Place Value

11+ Factors & Multiples

11+ Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

11+ Measurements

11+ Money

11+ Operations

11+ Perimeter, Area & Volume

11+ Position & Direction

11+ Probability

11+ Properties of Shapes

11+ Ratio & Proportion

11+ Reflection, Rotation & Symmetry

11+ Sequences

11+ Special Numbers

11+ Speed, Distance & Time

11+ Statistics


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Further targeted practice for the Tiffin Stage 2 English Exam


The Stage 2 English exam consists of an open-answer reading comprehension and a writing test, similar to an independent school exam format.


In recent years, there has been allocated reading time for the comprehension passage before students could answer the questions. Extracts that have come up recently include a story of a woman who was hiking in the Rockies, a passage from Tom Brown’s School Days and a poem called ‘The Moment’ by Margaret Attwood. 


Question formats included rewriting sections in the first person, explaining the meaning of words and plenty of long-form responses that required evidence to back them up. Our English papers, listed below, contain similar questions and passages. They also include detailed tutorial video explanations for every question.


The Writing task in previous years has included given story endings or specific requirements for how the story needs to be structured. For example, it could stipulate that certain items or objects need to be mentioned in the story. Our Writing Guide covers all known formats that have come up in the past.


Stage 2 English – Comprehension Recommendations


These practice tests cover everything your child needs to know for open answer comprehension, where they need to write out their own answers. 


11+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2

11+ English Pack 3

11+ English Pack 4

11+ English Pack 5


There is a mix of questions requiring both long and short answers, just like in the Tiffin Stage 2 English exam.


This Comprehension guide covers all the possible question types that could come up, offering tips and techniques to efficiently deal with all of them. Click on the link to view some sample pages.


The 11+ Poetry Comprehension pack consists of exclusive poems created specifically for students sitting the 11+ assessment. It includes six comprehension practice tests focused on poetry. 


Our top-rated 11+ Reading Workbook exercises consist of unique stories, designed to enhance and deepen your child’s vocabulary.


A key skill tested in the 11+ Tiffin English exam, inferences are conclusions that are based on evidence and reasoning. Questions testing inference skills can be challenging and are often worth more marks. Click on the links below to learn more about our popular 11+ Inference Packs:


11+ Inference Skills Pack 1

11+ Inference Skills Pack 2


Stage 2 English – Writing Recommendations


11+ Writing Prompts

This pack contains 28 varied writing prompts covering the 7 key task types known to come up in past Stage 2 exams.


Each prompt is accompanied by a detailed video tutorial, explaining how to approach it and what to look out for.


By working through this pack, your child will be prepared for the various possibilities that could come up in the actual exam.


Click here to view a sample prompt and video tutorial.


The Complete 11+ Writing Guide

This guide is extremely comprehensive. In reality, you won’t have time to work through all of it before the Stage 2 exam.


However, it contains key sections that will prove very valuable. For each of the 7 key writing task types, it includes multiple writing samples showing both good and bad answers.


These are annotated to highlight exactly what makes them well written or poorly written. Working through these with your child is extremely useful as it efficiently highlights what sort of techniques they should try to include and what sort of things they must avoid.


Click here to view sample pages.


These products above cover pretty much everything you need to know for the Stage 2 English test.


However, if you find that your child particularly struggles with spelling, we would recommend these packs too:


11+ Spelling Pack 1

11+ Spelling Pack 2


11+ Rewrite & Improve

Last year saw the introduction of a new question type. It involves reading a short passage and then rewriting and improving it. Marks are awarded for improving vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation. A total of 30 writing tasks with model answers are included in this new pack.


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Why is it important to prepare for Stage 2 before the Stage 1 exam?


The Stage 2 exam has a completely different format to the Stage 1 assessment. Furthermore, there is very little time available between receiving the results from Stage 1 and the date of the Stage 2 test.


Whilst the Stage 1 exam is undoubtedly important, the Tiffin schools place a lot more weighting on the Stage 2 results. 


Those who take the Stage 2 tests will be ranked on the basis of their Combined Score. 


For the boys’ school, the Combined Score will consist of 50% English and 50% Maths. The English score will be derived from the Stage 2 test, whereas the Maths score will be a combination of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 tests, using a 2:3 ratio, respectively.


For the girls’ school, the Combined Score will comprise 60% English and 40% Maths. The English component will come from the Stage 2 test, while the Maths component will come from Stage 1 and Stage 2 in a ratio of 1:3. 


Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead and start thinking about Stage 2 preparation well before the Stage 1 exam takes place.


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