6+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


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  • 20 vocabulary and grammar tests
  • Covers English skills required for successful 6 plus entry
  • Created by assessment experts
  • Specifically designed for children taking 6 plus exams
  • Also ideal to develop a strong foundation ahead of the 7 plus exam
  • Build confidence and improve performance
  • Answers included
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6 plus exam papers

6+ exam papers



Our packs cover the full 6+ curriculum for both Maths and English.


Both full length exam papers and tests to practise specific skills are available. All packs include answers.




The 6+ examination is used to select students for Year 2 entry into top schools across the country. Our 6+ range also provides ideal early preparation for the 7+ exam, helping your child develop a strong foundation before advancing on to our 7+ material.


Covers every aspect of the written examination process in the key subjects. English and Mathematics tests are required by virtually all schools at this level.


A great way for children to familiarise themselves with the exam format and question styles, whilst perfecting their exam technique. Designed to be challenging and engaging.


Accurate reflection of the actual exams. Reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they are current and up to date.

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