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Devon Grammar Schools 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information

There are seven grammar schools in Devon, with three Local Authorities (LA) involved in admissions: Devon County Council, Plymouth and Torbay. Because there are several local authorities involved, 11 Plus admissions in Devon can seem quite confusing. We recommend reading these individual posts for specific schools to learn more about the eleven plus exams and general admissions process:


Colyton Grammar School (Devon LA)

Devonport High School for Boys (Plymouth LA)

Devonport High School for Girls (Plymouth LA)

Plymouth High School for Girls (Plymouth LA)

Churston Ferrers Grammar School (Torbay LA)

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School (Torbay LA)

Torquay Girls’ Grammar School (Torbay LA)


11 Plus Exam Information for Devon Grammar Schools


Registration Closing Date: August (Torbay LA), September (Devon LA and Plymouth LA)

Common Application Form (CAF) Closing Date: October

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Devon and Torbay use CEM (University of Durham), Plymouth, uses GL Assessment

Results Date: October

Pass Mark: Not revealed

Allocations Date: March

Appeals Hearings: April, May, June

Admissions Info: Devon LA, 01752 307469 | Plymouth LA, 01752 668000 | Torbay LA, 01803 201201


Devon Grammar Schools 11 Plus Admissions


Application for admission to any Devon grammar school is made through the Local Authority directly. All prospective Year 7 pupils must take the 11 Plus exam in September before the year of entry.


Before applying for a place, parents and prospective students are encouraged to attend their preferred school’s open event, where they will receive more detailed information about the admissions process.


How to Register for the Devon Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam


Registration forms for all grammar schools in Devon are available to download from each of the school’s own websites. You can register with the following LAs, depending on which schools you are applying for:

Devon County Council
Plymouth LA
Torbay Council


As parents could be applying to various schools across the county, they are advised to visit each school’s website and consult their admissions documents individually, as registration dates can vary from school to school.


Devon Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Format


As you might expect, 11+ tests at the region’s grammar schools vary. All seven schools set both English and mathematics papers, with schools in Devon and Torbay opting to assess verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning too. Devon and Torbay schools also include a short writing assessment.


Children should expect to answer a range of question types, including multiple-choice, short answer questions and even extended creative writing. Please refer to the individual school posts above for more detail on specific 11 Plus exam formats in the Devon grammar schools.


Practice Papers for the Devon Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam


For pupils currently preparing for the Devon 11 Plus exam, we’d recommend the following resources:


For Devon and Torbay Grammar Schools:


Mathematics (Numerical Reasoning) Section




Verbal Reasoning Section




Non-Verbal Reasoning Section


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

This pack covers a number of the question types that are used in CEM 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning exams such as Matrices, Box Sequences and Exceptions. There are some extension question types as well. Whilst these are not known to be utilised in CEM exams, they will help develop your child’s Non-Verbal reasoning ability, which will stand them in good stead for the exam.


Full Practice Tests





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For Plymouth Grammar Schools:




11+ GL English Pack 1

11+ GL English Pack 2

11+ GL English Pack 3

11+ GL English Pack 4

11+ Spelling Pack 3

11+ Punctuation

11+ Sentence Completion




11+ GL Maths Pack 1

11+ GL Maths Pack 2

11+ GL Maths Pack 3

11+ GL Maths Pack 4

11+ GL Maths: Problem Solving


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The information provided about grammar schools in Devon was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the schools directly if you are unsure of anything. Contact details are provided within individual school posts.

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