11 plus (11+) Exam – Lady Eleanor Holles School – What you need to know

Lady Eleanor Holles School 11 plus (11+) exam for Year 7 entry


Entry Level Eleven Plus (11+) exam

School Name Lady Eleanor Holles School

Description Girls; day school

Age range 7-18

Size 885 approx.

Fees £6,536 per term

Address Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hanworth Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 3HF

Email (general enquiries)office@lehs.org.uk

Website www.lehs.org.uk

Telephone (general enquiries): +44 (0) 208 979 1601

Head Heather Hanbury

Admissions email Registrar@lehs.org.uk




Lady Eleanor Holles School, know as LEH, proudly encourages its young girls to be ‘courageous and ever hopeful, optimistic and determined’, offering its bright pupils a well-rounded and challenging education in a happy, purposeful environment, preparing them well for higher education and their futures. The school enjoys some of the best exam results in the country, and has a thriving sports, art and musical tradition.


Situated in Hampton, girls attend from as far north as Ealing, as far south as Cobham, as far east as Chelsea and as far west as Windlesham.


Great care is taken to welcome new girls at 11+. Know as the ‘new thirds’, these girls join LEH the day before the other year groups, to give them exclusive time to meet their tutors, their fellow classmates, to find out about their timetable and who their teachers will be, and to learn how to navigate around the school.


Admissions Process for Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) School Eleven Plus (11+) for Year 7 entry


There are approximately 100 places available for 11+ admission to Lady Eleanor Holles School (LEH). Of these, about a third are given to girls from their own junior school and the remaining two thirds are awarded to external candidates (approx. 70).


Open Days


The headmistress welcomes families throughout the school year, but the open events in the autumn are for girls in Year 6 and their parents who are specifically considering 11+ entry.


You must book in advance by contacting the registrar: registrar@lehs.org.uk To see the available dates, visit the school’s website here.




Applications are accepted during the year prior to the proposed year of admission to the school. For current information on dates and timings, please visit the school’s website here.


Entrance Exams


Entrance exams take place in January in the year of entry. Papers are set in English, maths and a combined paper in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and problem solving is also taken. The exams are administered in small groups, in a classroom environment to keep things low-key and friendly.


Recommended Materials


English practice papers, ideal for LEH eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


1+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2 

11+ Spelling


Maths practice papers, ideal for LEH eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


11+ Mathematics Pack 1

11+ Mathematics Pack 2


Reasoning practice papers, ideal for LEH eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1

11 + Verbal Reasoning Pack 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 2

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 3




Girls who perform well in the exams maybe called back for interview.


Scholarships and Bursaries


Bursaries and scholarships are available. The school is committed to ensuring that girls who would benefit from an education at LEH are not excluded from entering the school due to financial reasons. Bursaries may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants. For the school’s full bursary and scholarship policy, click here.


Other Entry Points: 7+, 16+

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