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Trusted by 100,000+ parents and students

Meticulous. The guide is systematic, coherent in its design, and detailed. It builds skills and competencies step by step. Very impressive and helpful.”

David R.

21 May 2024

Useful. Really great example of how the test will be.”

Caroline F.

20 May 2024

Excellent. Perfect product for the exams preparation.”

B L.

20 May 2024

Thorough. Thorough and rigorous for exam prep”

Jane S.

19 May 2024

Excellent. Very useful.. Highly recommend!”

Indra W.

19 May 2024

Good for practice. I have bought many EPP and helpful for practising under time limit and filling the gaps. I would recommend these papers any day.”

shweta d.

18 May 2024

Challenging!. The questions are quite challenging and really test a child's preparation.”

Sandeep M.

18 May 2024

Useful!. There are many questions, so you can practice a lot.”

Yukiko K.

18 May 2024

Provides excellent content. Really pushes my daughter to extend her knowledge”

Elaine O.

17 May 2024

Brilliant. My daughter struggle to get over 90%. After she has done the this papers she found the techniques.”

Arulrajiny S.

17 May 2024

Useful and helopfil. The papers are the good choice for 11+ . And the staff is very helpful”

Jie S.

16 May 2024

Excellent. These products have greatly helped my daughter. The videos explain very well and we pay a fraction of the tutor fee. I would recommend this ...”

Penny W.

16 May 2024

Perfect. Great paper, please make more like these - there aren't enough!”

Michelle S.

16 May 2024

Good resources to help with VR. Excellent resource to help with preparing 11+”

Binny Z.

16 May 2024

Brilliant. Excellent papers with answers that are easy to follow”

Serena R.

16 May 2024

The secret. I wish I knew with my first child what a 7+/8+ “interview” session meant. Invaluable insight for parents.”

Maria S.

15 May 2024

Great resource. These papers were very helpful to gauge the type of questions that will be asked as this information isnt available elsewhere.”

Chanda S.

15 May 2024

NVR collection of questions is great. Very good set to review, much better compare to other NVR’s papers I have found .”

Abhishek K.

15 May 2024

Comprehensive. Lots of questions on a very wide range of topics. Will provide lots of practice in this important area of exam preparation.”

Mike S.

15 May 2024

Useful. Useful for practising using context, inference and deduction.”

Katharine S.

15 May 2024

Good. Useful for strengthen my son's spelling”

Wa L.

14 May 2024

Great. Solutions of each question are great. My daughter doesn't need anyone to help her.”

Eun L.

14 May 2024

Excellent for GL NVR. I bought this Paper for my son . Very good practice material for 11plus NVR preparation. I highly recommend this for all parent.”

Foujiammal R.

14 May 2024

Great. Brilliant extra work, really useful”

Carin S.

14 May 2024

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