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We’ve just released a new product:


The Complete Guide to 7+ Verbal Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning forms a core part of many 7+ assessments. Whilst some schools provide guidelines and syllabi, it can be difficult as a parent to know exactly which topics could be covered and how.


Therefore, we’ve broken down the Verbal Reasoning assessment, introducing a step by step approach that equips children with the tools and confidence to deal with every aspect of the syllabus and the various question types they may face.


How will this product benefit my child?


If your child is taking a 7+ exam in the next few months, this guide will help ensure they are familiar with the full range of possible questions.


By taking a systematic approach, children benefit from having a clear structure and framework covering everything they need to know. As a parent, this will make exam preparation a lot more straightforward and less stressful.


What’s included?


The guide is divided into seven key sections, each covering a different aspect of the syllabus. It is designed to teach all the core skills required for the 7+ Verbal Reasoning assessment, and is packed full of practical exercises, sample questions and explanations.


There are also three full practice tests included at the end.


The full guide is 296 pages long. Not only does it cover the relevant material in a fun, friendly and engaging manner, but it also includes plenty of advice and tips for parents, teachers and tutors.


To view samples, just click the link labelled ‘View Sample Pages’ on this page.


As with all our products, the guide is available to download, print and use immediately after purchase.


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