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What is Technical English? 11+ GL Assessment English Exam – Grammar Schools


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What is 11+ Technical English?


Technical English is a term used by GL Assessment to refer to three different question types: sentence completion, punctuation and spelling.


Is Technical English relevant for my child?


Technical English questions appear in:


– 11+ English (Grammar School) exams set by GL Assessment. This includes regions such as Kent and Buckinghamshire, among others. If you’re not sure if the school/s you’re targeting use GL Assessment, let us know and we will confirm for you either way.


Why is Technical English important?


Technical English questions usually account for around 50% of a student’s English score. The other 50% is made up of comprehension questions. As such, it forms a key part of the assessment.


How can I help my child prepare for Technical English questions?


We went through the syllabus in great detail and broke down all three elements of Technical English into specific question types.


We then created targeted practice tests for each of these question types to ensure your child is prepared for every eventuality on exam day.


To learn more about how we approached this for each element, click the links below:



The packs mentioned in the articles above cover everything your child needs to know to ace the Technical English section of their exam. You can access them directly using the below links:


11+ English: Spelling Pack 3

11+ English: Punctuation

11+ English: Sentence Completion


Once they’ve completed these, we’d advise trying the following practice papers that integrate Technical English questions within full-length mock exam papers:


11+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2

11+ English Pack 3

11+ English Pack 4



If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bookmark this page? Pop your email into the box below to receive a link to this article so you can easily refer back to it later.

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