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Located in Orpington, Greater London, St. Olave’s Grammar School is a selective school for boys aged 11-18. Since 1998, girls aged 16-18 have been accepted into its Sixth Form. Founded in 1571, St. Olave’s was judged as an ‘Outstanding’ school by Ofsted in 2014 and prides itself on offering a wide curriculum to its pupils.


Consistently reported as one of the top achieving grammar schools in the UK, St. Olave’s actively encourages its pupils to participate fully in a variety of extracurricular activities alongside their academic work.


11 Plus Exam Information for St. Olave’s Grammar School


Address: St. Olave’s Grammar School, Goddington Lane, Orpington BR6 9SH

County: Bromley (London)

Admissions Info:, 01689 820101

School Type: Boys’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 960 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 124

Open Day Date: June

Exam Date: Stage 1 – September / Stage 2 – November

Exam Board Type: Set by school (Selective Eligibility Test – SET)


St. Olave’s Grammar School 11 Plus Admissions


Admission to St. Olave’s in Year 7 is by academic selection, via an 11 Plus exam. Due to the school’s popularity, it is regularly oversubscribed, with an average of eight applications for every one Year 7 place. Parents are encouraged to attend the school’s open morning in June to ensure that the school can provide an appropriate learning environment for their child before applying for a place.


On completion of the eleven plus exam, the school will rank candidates and give the highest priority to those with special educational needs as well as previously looked after children. All boys must meet the school’s required academic criteria to be considered for a Year 7 place.


To learn more about St. Olave’s Year 7 admissions process, please visit the school’s website directly.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to St. Olave’s Grammar School


St. Olave’s participates in the coordinated admissions process operated by the London Borough of Bromley. For your child to be registered for the selection test and to be considered for a Year 7 place, parents must complete two forms:


  1. The Local Authority’s (LA) online application form. Parents must include St. Olave’s in their order of preference.
  2. St. Olave’s online Supplementary Information Form (SIF), which registers their son to sit the SET. The SIF must be submitted by the school’s published deadline.


Places are offered by your LA on National Offer Day in March.


St Olave’s Grammar School Catchment Area


Does St Olave’s Grammar School have a catchment area?


The school doesn’t have a catchment area.


St. Olave’s Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Format


St. Olave’s operates a two-stage process for their 11 Plus testing:


Stage 1


Boys are required to sit the school’s Selective Eligibility Test (SET). This multiple-choice test is made up of English comprehension, mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.


Stage 2


Pupils who pass the SET will then be invited to sit the school’s second stage tests in English and mathematics.


  • English – this hour-long, multiple choice test covers comprehension and a creative writing exercise or essay.
  • Mathematics – this hour-long test consists of a range of standard format questions of varying difficulty.


Following Stage 2, all scores will be standardised and aggregated, together with the SET marks, to allow a ranking of candidates. The first 124 pupils in rank order will be offered places at St. Olave’s. Should there be a tie, the final rank order will be determined using performance in the mathematics paper, then the creative writing, then the English multiple choice and finally the SET.


How to Prepare for the St. Olave’s Grammar School 11 Plus Exam?


St. Olave’s Grammar School consistently performs well in the UK’s grammar school league tables. It’s of little surprise that competition for Year 7 places is very strong. In setting its own 11+ tests, St. Olave’s aims to challenge prospective pupils. Boys must be academically strong if they are to gain one of the 124 Year 7 places.


Following a solid 11 Plus study plan will help your son approach the exam calmly as he’ll feel more confident in his answers. Start your son’s revision plan early and include online practice papers to help identify any weaker areas that require additional attention.


Practice Exam Papers for the St. Olave’s Grammar School 11 Plus Exam


To put your son ahead of the competition at St. Olave’s, we would specifically recommend using the following practice papers:


Stage 1 


The St. Olave’s Stage 1 test consists of 4 sections: A, B, C and D.


Full Practice Tests


We’ve created five highly accurate practice tests that match the exact format and style of the official St Olave’s sample test:



Skill Specific Practice


Section A is multiple-choice English comprehension and we recommend these packs to help build the relevant skills:







Section B is multiple-choice Mathematics and we recommend these packs to help build the relevant skills:


Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice


Verbal Reasoning


Section C is multiple-choice Verbal Reasoning. This consists of a mix of GL-style, CEM-style and the school’s own style of VR. For the GL and CEM style questions, we recommend the following packs:


Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice – CEM

Skill specific practice – GL


Non-Verbal Reasoning


Section D is multiple-choice Non-Verbal Reasoning and many of the question types used are covered in this pack:


Full Practice Tests


Stage 2


The St. Olave’s School Stage 2 11 plus exam consists of English and Maths tests.


The English tests consists of comprehension (both multiple-choice and open answer) as well as a writing task.




For the multiple-choice English comprehension section, we recommend these packs:


Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice


For the open answer English comprehension and writing task sections, we recommend these packs:





Maths (standard format)


The Maths test is the standard format. We would recommend these packs for this section:


Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice



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Why do some of the recommendations above show me independent school papers?


The main difference between independent and grammar school papers is the question format. Independent schools usually assess with standard format questions, which means students need to write out full answers. Grammar schools usually use multiple-choice format questions.


Whilst St. Olave’s Grammar School is a grammar school, they actually use the independent school (standard) format for their second-round exam, which is why standard format papers are included in the Stage 2 recommendations above.



Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in St. Olave’s Grammar School 11+ past papers. The information provided about St. Olave’s Grammar School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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