Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information



There are currently two grammar schools located in the London Borough of Bromley. For more information about the 11 Plus entrance exam at either of these schools, or for details on the admissions process, please consult the articles below:



11 Plus Exam Information for Bromley Grammar Schools


Registration Closing Date: June (Newstead Wood), July (St. Olave’s)

Common Application Form (CAF) Closing Date: October

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Newstead Wood – GL Assessment | St Olave’s – Selective Eligibility Test (SET), set by the school

Results Date: October

Pass Mark: Places allocated according to highest score (figures not revealed)

Allocations Date: March

Appeals Hearings: April, May, June

Admissions Info: The London Borough of Bromley, 0208 313 4044


Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus Admissions


Year 7 admission to both Bromley grammar schools is by academic selection, via an entrance exam. Due to oversubscription at the schools, parents and students are actively encouraged to attend an open event at their chosen school to ensure that it is the right learning environment.


Both schools participate in the coordinated admissions process operated by the London Borough of Bromley and so parents must register their child online ahead of the eleven plus exam dates in September.


How to Register for the Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam


Although Newstead Wood and St Olave’s Grammar School use different entrance exams to determine Year 7 admission, both follow the London Borough of Bromley’s registration process. Parents must complete the Local Authority’s (LA) online application form, marking their preferred school.


Next, parents should download their preferred school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF), which registers their child to sit the entrance exam. The SIF is available via the schools’ websites and must be submitted directly to the school before the public deadline.


Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Format


The grammar schools in Bromley use different 11 Plus exams. We’ve outlined their formats in more detail below:


Newstead Wood School


Prospective pupils will sit two tests that cover Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Both these tests are multiple-choice and take between 40-50 minutes each. The scores achieved by girls in these tests will be age adjusted and placed in ranked order based on the total score achieved.


Click here for more details.


St Olave’s Grammar School


St. Olave’s operate a two-stage process for their 11 Plus:


Stage 1


Boys must sit the Selective Eligibility Test (SET); this is a multiple-choice test that covers English comprehension, mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.


Stage 2


Boys who pass the SET will be invited to sit the school’s second stage tests in English and mathematics.


For both schools, parents will receive the results of their child’s eleven plus exam in October and Year 7 places will be allocated in March of the following year.


Click here for more details.


Practice Exam Papers for the Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam



Click the links below to view our recommendations for each school:


Newstead Wood School

St Olave’s Grammar School



The information provided about the Bromley grammar schools was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the schools directly if you are unsure of anything. Contact details are provided within individual school posts.


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