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Shoeburyness High School, Essex, 11 Plus (11+) CSSE Exam Information


Shoeburyness High School is a co-educational academy located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The school educates approximately 1650 students aged between 11 and 18. The school has Technology College status and gained academy status in 2011. A CAD/CAM Centre was also developed the same year. Shoeburyness High School offers a broad range of subjects and offers an extended school service, running extra-curricular activities for Shoeburyness pupils and students from other schools.


11 Plus Exam Information for Shoeburyness High School


Address: Shoeburyness High School, Caulfield Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9LL

Admissions Info: [email protected], or (01702) 292286

School Type: Co-educational academy

Number of pupils: 1650 (approx.)

Number of places in year 7: 310

Open day date: July

Exam date: September

Exam board type: CSSE (Essex 11 Plus)


Shoeburyness High School 11 Plus Admissions


Each year, Shoeburyness High School admits approximately 310 students into Year 7. The school acts as its own admissions authority to ensure that all applicants to the school are considered fairly.


In cases where there are more Year 7 applicants than available places, the school gives priority to children with a statement of special educational needs (SEN), or Education, Health and Care (EHC) places. The school then gives priority to:


  • Looked After or previously Looked After children
  • Thirty-one pupils on the basis of their performance in the selection test procedure
  • Students who live in the catchment area and have a brother or sister at the school
  • Children who live in the catchment area
  • Students who live outside the catchment area and have a brother or sister at the school
  • Children living outside the catchment area


For more information on the school’s admissions process, please visit the admissions pages on their website.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Shoeburyness High School


Before applying for a Year 7 place at Shoeburyness High School, parents and pupils are invited to visit the school during its Open Evening, which take place in September. At the event, students and parents will have the chance to meet staff members and some current pupils.


To apply for a Year 7 school place at the school, parents need to complete two forms. Firstly, the CSSE registration form should be completed online at the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) website, here.


Parents then need to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF), which is also available from the CSSE website.


All parents living in Essex need to state their child’s preferred secondary schools on the Essex Common Application Form (CAF), too. This can be completed by hand on the paper form supplied in the LEA Secondary School Admission booklet.


Please note that only those pupils who have been entered for the test will be considered for admission.


Shoeburyness High School 11 Plus Exam Format


For all schools that are members of the CSSE, including Shoeburyness High School, there is only one selection test. This ensures that students don’t need to sit several tests for all the schools listed on their preference form.


Applicants are judged on their performance in two tests that cover English and Maths. The English paper includes questions on comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, as well as creative writing, verbal reasoning and literacy.


The Maths paper contains questions that are based on the KS2 National Curriculum.


The test scores are age-standardised to ensure that older pupils don’t have an unfair advantage.


How to Prepare for the Shoeburyness High School 11 Plus Exam


Setting aside time to study ahead of competitive entry tests can boost a student’s confidence and improve their performance on exam day.


At Exam Papers Plus, we specialise in publishing practice exam papers in a similar style to those used in the CSEE 11 Plus exam. Our tests help students become familiar with the types of English, maths and verbal reasoning questions that they could be asked in the exam. When our tests are taken under timed exam conditions, they can also help improve a student’s time management skills.


Practice Exam Papers for the Shoeburyness High School 11 Plus Exam


We have a number of practice tests specifically designed to help students prepare for the Shoeburyness High School 11+ exam. You can learn more about them here.


Full Practice Tests


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 1

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 2

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 3

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 4

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 5


Further English practice


The CSSE 11+ English paper can include both multiple-choice and open-answer comprehension questions, as well as a writing section and reasoning section.


For multiple-choice comprehension practice, we’d highly recommend:


11+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2

11+ English Pack 3

11+ English Pack 4

11 Plus Comprehension (Fiction)

11 Plus Comprehension (Non-fiction)

11 Plus Writing Prompts


For open-answer comprehension and writing practice, we’d highly recommend these resources:


11 Plus English Pack 1 (Open Answer)

11 Plus English Pack 2 (Open Answer)

11 Plus English Pack 3 (Open Answer)


For the reasoning section, we’d highly recommend these practice tests:


11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 2

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 3

11+ Verbal Reasoning: Pack 4


Further Maths Practice


The CSSE 11+ Maths paper covers the KS2 syllabus (including problem solving and arithmetic) as well as some non-verbal reasoning. The maths questions are not multiple-choice.


We’d highly recommend:


11 Plus Mathematics Pack 1 (Open Answer)

11 Plus Mathematics Pack 2 (Open Answer)

11 Plus Mathematics Pack 3 (Open Answer)

11 Plus Mental Arithmetic (Open Answer)


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The information provided about Shoeburyness High School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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