11+ (11 plus) Essex (CSSE) Exam – Comprehensive Practice Tests




We’ve just released a new set of practice tests for the Essex CSSE 11+ exam.


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 1

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 2

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 3

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 4

11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 5


We’ve ensured that these practice tests are as accurate and faithful to the actual exam as possible. We’ve used the same wordings, difficulty level, question types, design formats and layouts as the real thing.



Are these practice tests relevant for my child?


These practice tests will provide ideal preparation for students seeking 11+ entry to any school in the The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE). These are:



What’s included in each practice test?


Each practice test is designed to cover the full examination experience, covering Maths and English.


The Maths paper covers the complete syllabus expected at this level.


The English paper covers all three sections that will come up in the actual exam: Comprehension, Applied Reasoning and Continuous Writing.


Answers are also included.


What is the difference between the five practice tests?


We’ve created five practice tests as it’s not possible to cover all possible variations in just one.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at exam level difficulty. As such, you can use them as effective diagnostic tests to accurately benchmark your child’s progress over time.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?


There is no doubt that being familiar with the format of the exam is beneficial for children as it boosts their confidence and helps calm nerves. With the correct preparation, there won’t be any surprises on exam day.


These practice tests cover all sections, including multiple variations for Applied Reasoning and Continuous Writing so your child has wide exposure to different possibilities.


Answers are also included, including sample responses for each Continuous Writing question so you can get an idea of the level expected.


How can I purchase these practice tests?


They are available to buy online using these links:


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 1


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 2


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 3


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 4


11+ Essex (CSSE) Practice Test 5



As with all our products, you will receive an email with a download link immediately after purchase.



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