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Entry Level Nine Plus (9+) exam

School Name Dulwich College Junior School

Description Boys; day school

Age range 7-11 (Boys then go on to the Lower School aged 11-13)

Size 220 approx.

Fees £6,554 per term (excludes individual music lessons and music exam entry fees)

Address Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD

Admissions Office 0208 299 8432 or junioradmissions@dulwich.org.uk




Dulwich College Junior School is an integral part of the College, sharing the same ethos and values whilst having its own distinct identity. It aims to create an environment which fosters challenge and a love of learning.


The school has fantastic facilities including a dedicated art room and a music department with provision for music technology, rock music and percussion. Shared facilities with the College include abundant playing fields, a swimming pool and astro pitches. This is a school where both the mind and the legs can run wild with learning and creativity.


The Junior School Symposium, held on a different topic every year, is a highlight of the school’s academic year.


Open Days and Visits


Parents are encouraged to visit the Junior School during the school day. The Head of Junior School leads tours for up to five sets of parents on most Friday mornings during the Michaelmas and Summer terms. This provides an excellent opportunity to see the Junior School at work and to discuss the details of the entry procedure.


To reserve a place, contact the Junior School Registrar on 0208 299 8432 or by email at junioradmissions@dulwich.org.uk


Later in the year there is a Registered Parents Evening – for parents of registered boys – which normally takes place in November. Speakers include the Head of the Junior School, the Master of the College and a Year 13 student who began his Dulwich College career in the Junior School. Additional Junior School staff are also available to answer questions after the presentations.


Visit the school’s website for up to date information and dates.


Admissions Process for Dulwich College Junior School Year 5 entry


For an up to date entrance timetable, please click here.


Entry is competitive. Applicants’ schools will be contacted directly for a confidential report in December.


Assessments take place in the January of the year of admission. Boys will sit papers in mathematics, English (writing and reading comprehension) and reasoning.


Candidates who have shown sufficient promise in the assessments will be invited back in mid-January for an activity morning, as well as a short individual interview.


Decisions on a boy’s suitability will be based on his assessment results, his interview, his school report and his approach to learning as demonstrated throughout the activity morning.




Boys will be assessed in mathematics, English (writing and reading comprehension) and reasoning.


The maths exam covers a wide range of concepts that children may have already encountered at their current schools. A good working knowledge of all of their times tables will be helpful, and they will need a sound grasp of the four rules of number. They will need to use their own strategies and methods to solve mathematical problems, including word problems involving two or more distinct calculation stages.


The English assessment consists of a writing task and a reading paper.


Writing – 9+ candidates will be expected to write a story with a clear structure using paragraphs, demonstrating a good use of language that includes descriptive vocabulary including well-chosen adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Some descriptive detail of setting and character would also gain valuable marks. They will also be looking for a good knowledge of age-appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Reading comprehension – this paper comes in two parts. The first section is sentence completion, where 9+ candidates have to choose a word from a list to complete each sentence correctly. The sentences become increasingly difficult. The second part of the paper consists of a comprehension passage with some multiple-choice questions. The format is the same as 8+, but the reading level becomes more demanding and the questions more challenging.


Activity Morning


After the written assessment morning, about two thirds of boys will be invited back for an Activity Morning. Boys are organised into groups of 8-10 and take part in a selection of four activities including sport, music and team-building projects. The school will be looking at boys’ ability to follow instructions and will assess their enthusiasm and team-working skills. In addition, all boys will have a one-to-one chat with a senior staff member. They will be asked to read a short passage and answer questions on it, respond to some mental arithmetic questions and talk about themselves and their interests. Dulwich staff are skilled at putting the shyest of boys at their ease! They’re looking to engender confidence and potential.


Recommended Materials




English practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School nine plus (9+) exam preparation:

9+ English Pack 1

9+ Writing Prompts

9+ Spelling

9+ Vocabulary and Grammar

9+ Punctuation

9+ Inference Skills




Maths practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School nine plus (9+) exam preparation:

9+ Maths Pack 1

9+ Maths Pack 2

9+ Mental Arithmetic 

9+ Problem Solving 


Verbal Reasoning


Verbal reasoning practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School nine plus (9+) exam preparation:

9+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 1




Listening practice test, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School nine plus (9+) exam preparation:

9+ Listening Test Pack 1


Destination Schools at 13+


Most children will be expected to stay at the College until they are 18.


Other Entry Points 


7+, 8+ and 11+ and 13+



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