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Dulwich College Junior School is situated on the senior school’s main campus, but has its own modern, purpose-built facilities. Boys are described as ‘bright, interesting and full of boundless enthusiasm’. It’s well regarded for its excellent extra curricular offer in sport, music and drama, as well as being an academically rigorous.


Approximately 90% of boys move on to Dulwich College.


Boys enter at 7+ (main intake), 8+ and 9+ by competitive examination and assessment. Occasional places are available at 10+. They are also subject to examination and assessment.


The first entry point is in Year 3 via the 7 plus exam. Strategically, entry via the  7+ exam makes most sense, as it can get even more competitive at higher age groups as there are less places. There are 6-8 places available in Year 4 (8+) and Year 5 (9+).


Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Exam Information


School Name Dulwich College Junior School

Description Boys’ day school. Full or weekly boarding is available from Year 7 (11+)

Age range 7-11

Size 220 approx. Approx 45 boys join in Year 3. Around a third come from Ducks – the College’s kindergarten and infant school.

Fees £6077 per term

Address Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD

Website http://www.dulwich.org.uk/junior-school

Telephone (general enquiries) +44 (0)20 8299 8432

Admissions Email junioradmissions@dulwich.org.uk


Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Admissions


Applications: Boys are normally registered between September and November of the year prior to entry, although they will take registrations earlier.


Registration: Download the registration form here. The registration deadline is in November. Registration fee: £100


The school will contact the parents of all registered candidates early in the autumn term of the year prior to entry, to ask for confirmation that their son/s be entered as candidates for the entrance examination. A separate fee is payable at this point for confirmed candidates. The deadline for the return of the exam form is in October.


Open Days/Visits: Parents are encouraged to visit the school during term time.


The head takes groups of up to five families around on Friday mornings during the Michaelmas and Summer terms. This provides an excellent opportunity to see Dulwich College Junior School at work and to discuss the details of the entry procedure. To reserve a place, contact the registrar at junioradmissions@dulwich.org.uk


In addition, parents and boys are welcome to attend an Open Day, when current pupils will be your guides. Ask them any question you like and you should get honest answers.


There is also a Parents’ Evening for registered candidates joining the school in September. This provides a great opportunity to listen to and meet key members of staff including the Head of the Junior School, the Master of the College and a Year 13 student who’s been through the Junior School. Additional staff – including the Learning Support Co-ordinator – will also be on hand to answer questions.


Assessment: The Dulwich College Junior 7+ exam includes papers in English, maths and non-verbal reasoning. Exams will take place in January. Successful candidates will be invited back in mid-January for a morning of group activities as well as a short individual interview.


Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format


Candidates are asked to sit assessments in mathematics, English (writing and reading comprehension) and Reasoning (Verbal and Non-Verbal). The vast majority of boys who are successful will be working at National Curriculum Level 3, which is above the national average for their age.



  • The maths paper requires knowledge of: addition and subtraction of single digits, tens and units and hundreds; at least the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables (although we would advise your son to learn them all, as questions could call for the ability to cope with other times tables.) In addition, boys should also show an understanding of fractions of shapes, be able to interpret simple bar graphs and solve a range of two and three step mathematical problems. Some sample questions can be accessed here.


  • The English paper comprises both a comprehension and creative writing section. In the writing task, boys will be asked to write a simple story based on a picture cue. They will be expected to write between 8-15 sentences. Examiners are looking for a story that makes sense; includes interesting adjectives and verbs; and shows sound understanding of age appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation. The reading comprehension task is split into two parts: the first section is sentence completion, where pupils have to choose a word from a list to complete each sentence correctly. The sentences become increasingly difficult. The second part of the paper consists of several comprehension passages with multiple-choice questions. A reading comprehension sample can be accessed here.


  • The reasoning paper is taken online and is designed to assess a child’s underlying ability. It is age-standardised which helps the school to identify the underlying potential, especially of the very youngest with July or August birthdays. Although it is assumed boys will have no prior experience of these tests and will be given a brief practice test before they start the main test, we would advise some practice is done beforehand.


Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Exam Practice Papers


If you are at the very beginning of your 7+ journey, you may wish to start with our range of 6+ resources. These cover the core Maths and English skills your child needs to develop but at a slightly easier level.


Our 6+ range will help your child develop confidence and a strong foundation before they progress further with the 7+ material listed below.




7 plus English practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English Pack 5


Comprehension Skills


7+ English: Reading Workbook

7+ English: Inference Skills

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension


Writing Skills


7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Rewrite & Improve

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Spelling

7+ English: Dictation


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing




7 plus Maths practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics Pack 4

7+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Mathematics




7 plus Reasoning practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Reasoning Pack 1

7+ Reasoning Pack 2

7+ Reasoning Pack 3

7+ Reasoning Pack 4

7+ Reasoning Pack 5




7 plus Listening practice papers, ideal for Dulwich College Junior School 7+ exam preparation:


7+ Listening Pack 1



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Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Interviews and Activity Morning


About 90 – 100 candidates are invited back for the Activity Morning. Boys are organised into groups of approx. ten and engage in a selection of activities including sport, music and team-building projects. The aim is to assess potential and see how a boy interacts with his peers.


Boys will be monitored on their ability to follow instructions and their enthusiasm and capacity for teamwork. In addition all the boys will have a one-to-one chat with a senior staff member when they will read a short passage and answer questions on it, do some mental mathematics and engage in a relaxed chat about themselves and their interests. Staff will be skilled in bringing out the best in the candidates they interview!


Dulwich College 7 Plus (7+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Academic scholarships of between 10% and 30% of tuition fees are awarded automatically to the top-performing boys entering Year 3 (7+). There is no need to make a formal, separate scholarship application.


Further opportunities exist for boys to gain scholarships later in their college career, on entry to Year 7 (11+) or Year 9 (13+).


A limited number of means-tested bursaries are awarded annually to very able boys entering Year 3 (7+) where parents are unable to pay the full tuition fee. Applicants are considered on the basis of their performance in the entrance examination and interview. Parents will be asked to complete a confidential statement of financial circumstances, which will be reviewed annually. Parents interested in applying for an entry bursary are asked to indicate this on their registration form.


Scholarships and bursaries are not available for boys entering at Year 4 (8+), Year 5 (9+) or Year 6 (10+), but all junior boys are considered for scholarships at Year 7 (11+) when they move up to the College.


Dulwich College: Destination Schools at 11+


The expectation is that all boys transfer to Dulwich College Lower School (Years 7 and 8). This means boys are prepared for the same examination that will be taken by external applicants in the January of their final year.


Other Entry Points: 8+, 9+, 11+ and 13+



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