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Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Entrance Exam Information – Key Details




Basic information: Dulwich College is an independent day and boarding school for boys in Dulwich, London. Prestigious and highly competitive for entry, it was established in 1619 and caters for approximately 1,750 pupils. Dulwich College is a member of both the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference and the Eton Group. [1]


Curriculum: Nurturing natural talent alongside hard work and effort, the teaching provision fully corresponds with pupils’ needs for academic and non-academic development. The inspiring syllabus features a number of disciplines, from science and languages to humanities and technology, encouraging boys to boost their curiosity and intellectual agility through active participation in the educational experience.


Co-curricular: Although in-class learning is at the heart of the school’s philosophy, great emphasis is placed on enrichment activities, as well. In line with the Dulwich culture of enthusiasm and innovation, boys are urged to partake in over 50 clubs and societies, ranging from Climate Change Society, engineering and coding to Race Activism, philosophy and debating. [2]


Pastoral care: Pupils’ progress across all areas is carefully monitored by experienced and dedicated staff, who ensure that parents are fully involved in resolving any pastoral or academic issues their child may be facing. Housemasters closely monitor boys’ participation in co-curricular life, securing the continuity of their all-round development. [3]


The school’s rich history and impressive portfolio of exemplary academic outcomes were utilised by many notable alumni who have left their mark in the areas of science, politics, finances and literature. Unsurprisingly, modern-day leavers frequently access further education at the UK’s top universities, entering major professions as part of their extensive and often remarkable journey of self-discovery.


Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Exam Information


Address: Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD

County: Greater London

Admissions info: or 020 8299 9263

School type: Independent day and boarding school for boys

Open days: May and October

13+ Exam date: January of Year 8


Open Events for Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Entry


If you wish to familiarise your son with everything on offer at Dulwich College, you are strongly advised to attend the school’s Open Afternoon events. These typically consist of guided tours of facilities, a Q&A with senior staff members and a presentation from the Head. More details are available on the school’s website.


Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Admissions


Typically, there are 25 places available in Year 9. The application deadline is in November of the year preceding entry, and the entrance examinations take place the following January. The registration fee payable is £150.


Please note that, as part of the admissions process, your son will be invited to attend an interview in February. 


Dulwich College sends out offers of places by post later the same month. The acceptance deposit is £1,900 for day pupils and £3,800 for boarders.


Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Boys who sit the entrance examinations are automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship. The award is typically valued at 10% to one third of fees. 


Art, Music and Sports Scholarships are also available and cover up to 10% of fees. 


Art Scholarship applicants will be asked to attend an interview and submit a portfolio, containing drawings, paintings, photography and/or three-dimensional work.


Music Scholarships are awarded to candidates who play two instruments and demonstrate an exceptional standard of ability (Grade 8+). Choral Scholarships are typically offered to boys with alto, tenor or bass voices when vocally and musically ready.


Sports Scholarships are awarded as a recognition of exceptional sporting ability and potential following successful interview and practical assessments.


Bursaries are also available, offering financial support with paying the fees to families in need. These awards are means-tested and can cover up to 100% of fees, as well as costs for (some) extracurriculars. 


Bursaries can be offered in conjunction with scholarships. Please click here to learn more.


Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Exam Format


The Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) exam consist of the following assessments:


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Online Reasoning test


The English paper examines both comprehension and writing skills, including inference, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. Marks will be awarded for good use of imagination, creativity, form, purpose, organisation, cohesion and sentence structure.


The maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. The paper may include questions on number, measurement, geometry, algebra and statistics.


The online Reasoning test is likely to resemble the CAT4, which measures developed abilities via modules testing Verbal, Non-Verbal, Spatial and Quantitative Reasoning.


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Dulwich College 13 Plus entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Entrance Assessment 


Our practice tests help students become familiar with the style and layout of the Dulwich College exam, which can help boost their confidence in the lead up to the big day. They cover all the question types that could be asked in the entrance exam and can be used to identify any weaker areas that require additional work.


Once you devise a specific study schedule and a structured approach towards 13+ exam preparation, you will be able to remove unnecessary stress from the preparation process and make it more manageable for your child.


We highly recommend that students take our practice tests under timed conditions to get used to answering questions quickly and under time pressure.


Our practice tests are age-appropriate, yet still challenging, corresponding perfectly with the demands of a competitive independent school’s 13+ entrance exam. 


Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the Dulwich College 13 plus entrance examination can be found below.


Dulwich College 13 Plus (13+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for the Dulwich College 13+ exam can be found below:




We highly recommend the following packs to prepare successfully for the Dulwich College 13+ English paper:


13+ English Pack 1


13+ English Pack 2


13+ English: Rewrite & Improve




We highly recommend the use of the following pack to help develop your child’s arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Dulwich College 13+ maths test:


13+ Mathematics Pack 1



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Online Reasoning test


Practice Tests


You can learn more about our highly accurate online Reasoning practice tests by clicking on the links below. Each module is marked automatically and is then available for review with answers and explanations provided for every question. We also provide comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis so you can quickly identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. These practice tests are specifically designed for CAT4 Level E, which is taken for Year 9 (13+) entry.


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 1


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 2


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 3


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 4


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 5


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Tests Bundle – Save 25%



Video Courses


The following online video courses cover everything your child needs to know for each section of the online Reasoning assessment. Each course consists of a series of lessons that go through each question type in great detail, providing step-by-step explanations and techniques to help your child recognise the underlying patterns to look out for. They cover every possible question type that could come up in the exam and are designed for students taking the CAT4 test for Year 9 (13+) entry.


CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Course


CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Course


CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Course


CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Course


CAT4 Video Courses Bundle – Save 25%



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Dulwich College 13+ past papers. The information provided about Dulwich College was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


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