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11 Plus: Writing Prompts for Both Independent and Grammar School Exams


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We’ve just released a new product:


11+ English: Writing Prompts


Who is this pack designed for?


The writing tasks in this pack will benefit students taking 11+ exams that include a writing assessment.


This covers most independent schools and a selection of grammar schools that assess writing in either their first or second stage tests.


If you are not sure whether this product will be relevant for your child, feel free to get in touch and let us know which school/s you are applying to and we’ll be happy to confirm either way for you.


What does this pack contain?


The pack contains 28 specially created writing tasks, spread across the 7 main categories that we’ve identified:


1)  Creative writing based on a title
2)  Creative writing based on a beginning/end
3)  Diary entries
4)  Recounts and Reports
5)  Articles
6)  Letters
7)  Discursive writing


Detailed video tutorials are included for every writing prompt. You can view a sample prompt and video tutorial here.


How will this product benefit my child?


Writing assessments can take many different formats, so we’ve covered a broad range of topics and styles.


Each writing prompt is unique and especially designed to test your child’s ability to process and respond to information presented in a specific format.


This includes not only tricky text-based prompts but also visual media such as adverts, newspaper clippings, event notices, maps and photographs.


We’ve made sure to cover the most up to date styles of questioning used in actual 11+ exams. We’ve also included some marking guidelines.


Each prompt will require your child to think carefully and pay close attention to the details and instructions. This provides great preparation for their 11+ exam, where they will need to use the exact same skills to ensure that they respond to the prompt accurately.


To further ensure that students get used to being flexible in how they manage their time, we’ve covered a range of timings and layouts. Some prompts allow for planning time and others do not. The writing time allowed ranges from 25 minutes to 40 minutes.


The free, detailed video tutorials included in this pack will help your child understand exactly how to approach each type of prompt, so they are fully prepared for exam day.


We’re confident that your child will find this pack beneficial, challenging and stimulating.


Click here to learn more and purchase.


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As ever, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries. We are always happy to help and advise.

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