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Haberdashers’ School for Girls (HABS Girls) 16 Plus (16+) Entrance Exam Information




Haberdashers’ School for Girls, also known as HABS Girls, is an independent day school in Elstree, Hertfordshire. It maintains a strong academic reputation since its founding in 1875, producing a number of notable alumni who have left a permanent mark in the professions of their choice. [1]


The curriculum in Sixth Form is characterised by abundance, boasting a rich range of disciplines such as computer science, Latin, philosophy, modern languages and psychology. Girls acquire knowledge at a rapid pace, benefitting from extensive and relevant teaching that helps them step into adulthood with confidence. 


Beyond the classroom, HABS offers a broad enrichment programme, featuring everything from Arabic and digital film making to geology and criminology. Girls are encouraged to extend their learning into as many further areas as possible and maximise their capacity for articulate thought, alongside their intellectual versatility. [2]


Throughout their time at HABS, students learn how to make informed choices and approach difficulties with grit, maintaining high levels of resilience and adaptability in the process. Accordingly, leavers frequently access Russell Group and other prestigious universities in the UK, excelling across academic and non-academic areas as both members of teams and individuals. 


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Exam Information


Address: Aldenham Road, Elstree WD6 3BT

County: Hertfordshire

Admissions info: or 020 8266 2300

School type: Independent day school for girls

Open day: In the Spring and Autumn terms

16+ Exam date: November of Year 11

16+ Exam type / Board: School’s own


Open Events for Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Entry


HABS Girls advise all prospective families to visit the school during Open Days. The events offer the perfect opportunity to explore the campus through guided tours and learn about the teaching provision through meetings with staff. The Admissions Team will be on hand to answer questions of interest. 


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Admissions


The registration deadline for 16+ admissions is in November of the year preceding entry. The entrance exam takes place later the same month, assessing applicants’ skills in the subject areas they plan to study in Sixth Form.


As part of the admissions process, HABS will obtain a confidential reference from their current school. If the outcome of the procedure is successful, an offer of a place will be made, to be accepted by the deadline in January with a payment of a £1000 deposit.


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Scholarships and Bursaries


At HABS Girls, candidates for entry can also apply for a Music Scholarship/Exhibition. The Scholarship is typically valued at 25–50% of fees, while exhibitions partially cover the annual cost of music lessons. 


Applicants are expected to perform at a Grade 5 standard on the principal instrument or Grade 6/7 if the instrument is piano. The application process requires that students submit a separate application form by the deadline in November of the year preceding entry. More details are available on this page


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Exam Format


If students plan to sit Maths A Levels, then they will be assessed in this subject. Similarly, students planning to study English at A Level will be assessed in this subject. 


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16+ entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Exam


To prepare successfully for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16+ entrance exam, we suggest that students make use of our targeted resources. Our practice tests enable familiarisation with the types of questions and the format of the actual exam, which can help them gain confidence in the lead up to the big day.


With the use of our practice tests, students will be able to precisely identify their strengths and weaknesses, which will guide them in devising a carefully thought-out revision plan that focuses on studying ‘little and often’. Moreover, our practice tests will help them get used to answering questions quickly and under time pressure. 


Our recommendations to help students prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 plus entrance examination can be found below.


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus (16+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for each section of the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16 Plus exam can be found below:




To prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16+ English paper, we would highly recommend using the following practice papers:


16+ English Pack 1


 16+ English Pack 2




The following packs help develop arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16+ maths paper:


16+ Mathematics Pack 1


16+ Mathematics Pack 2



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Haberdashers’ School for Girls 16+ past papers. The information provided about Haberdashers’ School for Girls was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


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