11+ GL English Masterclass: For GL-Style English Exams



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Our first masterclass is designed for students taking 11+ GL Assessment English Exams.


11+ English (GL) Masterclass


How can Masterclasses benefit my child?


Our Masterclasses are designed to solve two key pain points in the exam preparation process:


Problem 1: It’s difficult to find an accurate syllabus that explains exactly what your child needs to know for their exam.


Solution 1: Our Masterclasses address every topic your child needs to cover in one place, making your job as a parent easier. 



Problem 2: Teaching your own child in an effective and efficient manner can be tricky. You could hire a tutor but they can be expensive, with no guarantee of quality.


Solution 2: Our Masterclasses are taught by experienced teachers with a track record of success. They provide clear, step-by-step techniques and explanations of each topic for a fraction of the cost of hiring a tutor. Click here to learn more.


What are the benefits of the 11+ English (GL) Masterclass?


  • Specifically designed for 11+ English GL Assessment Grammar School Exams.
  • Step-by-step tutorials covering everything your child needs to know to succeed.
  • Full coverage of Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation and Sentence Completion.
  • Packed with advice, techniques and tips to master 11+ GL English.
  • Includes hundreds of practice questions, each with detailed explanations.
  • Developed and taught by entrance test experts.
  • Over 13 hours of high quality content divided into bitesize lessons.
  • Top class tuition for your child at a fraction of the price of a private tutor.
  • Lessons can be watched as many times as you like.
  • Focused, targeted and efficient preparation for the 11+ English Exam.


Click here to learn more and watch a free Sample Tutorial.

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