11+ Tiffin – Stage 1 Exam – English – Paragraph Ordering


We’ve just released a pack designed to help students improve their English skills ahead of the 11+ Tiffin exam:


11+ Kingston (Tiffin): Paragraph Ordering



What is Paragraph Ordering and why is it relevant for the 11+ Tiffin exam?


Paragraph Ordering is a specific question type that has come up in previous years in the 11+ First Round Exam for Tiffin School and The Tiffin Girls’ School.


Students must read through a series of jumbled paragraphs and select the correct order on the provided answer sheet.


These questions test reading comprehension and speed. They require students to quickly pick up on context clues, connectors and plots to identify the correct order of the paragraphs in each passage.



How will this new pack benefit my child?


This question type is not featured in other exams or in any other 11+ products on the market, except for out 11+ Tiffin practice tests.


If you feel that your child would benefit from further targeted practice, this pack will prove efficient and beneficial.


We’ve made sure to include a wide variety of passages, covering both fiction and non-fiction.


We’ve also included questions with varying numbers of paragraphs so your child can familiarise themselves with all the question type’s variations.



What’s included in the pack?


– 24 targeted practice tests, each with 25 questions


– A variety of passages with different lengths and styles


– Over 220 pages of high quality content


– Answer sheets that exactly match the Tiffin exam format


– Answers


– Available for download immediately after purchase



Click here to learn more and purchase.

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