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If you’re struggling to keep yourself motivated throughout your GCSE chemistry revision, then perhaps adding an element of fun will help you stay on track? Revision games are a great way to add some variety to your studying and can provide some light-hearted relief during stressful times.


Here are some of our favourite GCSE chemistry games that you can try today:


GCSE Chemistry Flash Cards


For this game, all you need is some A5-sized cardboard, a pen and some GCSE chemistry sample questions. Using your revision notes, write down one keyword or phrase per flash card that relates to a specific topic. Continue in this way until you have a selection of flashcards to choose from.


Have a friend or family member choose a flashcard at random. You then need to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as if you were an expert. Tell them everything you know, including any formulas or equations that you can remember off the top of your head.


The simple practice of recalling information in this way can help boost your confidence in the lead up to the exam. You’ll probably start to realise that you know more of the syllabus than you think. The best thing about this game is that the person who chooses the flashcard doesn’t need to be a GCSE biology student. Simply recalling what you know can help you get into a positive frame of mind for the exam.


Group Quiz


There’s nothing like a bit of competition to up your revision game. For this activity, you’ll need a minimum of three players and access to GCSE chemistry practice questions. The first thing you need to do is assign a quizmaster to choose the questions and act as the invigilator. The game works best if you assign a 3-minute time limit to questions and aim to answer 10 questions in total.


The quizmaster chooses a question at random from a sample pack. They read it aloud and then present it in written form for everyone to see. The quizmaster starts the timer and calls time at the end of the three minutes.


The quiz continues in this way until all 10 questions have been asked. All players then swap answer papers with one another and the quizmaster provides the answers. The player with the most points wins.


Roll the Dice


This game is a great way to mix up your GCSE chemistry sample question practice. You’ll need five dice to play the game. You’ll also need chemistry practice tests and a pen to write down your answers.


To start with, aim to answer 5 questions in total. Pick up one dice, roll it and answer the corresponding question in your practice paper. For example, if you roll a 5, answer question number 5 in the paper. Then, pick up two dice, roll them and answer the corresponding question in the paper. Continue in this way, picking up an extra dice each time.


Once you’ve answered all 5 questions, refer to the marking scheme and tally up your total. As the exam draws nearer, increase the number of questions that you answer each time you play the game.


Card Turnover


GCSE Chemistry revision


This game works particularly well with three players. You’ll need a deck of cards, some practice test questions and paper and pens to write your answers.


Place the deck of cards in the centre of a table and have each player turn over a card from the deck. The player with the lowest card needs to answer a question from the practice test paper. The question they answer should correspond to the total number of all three player’s cards.


The game continues in this way until all questions in the practice paper have been answered. The winner is the person who managed to attain the most full points per question.


GCSE Chemistry Practice Tests


Not only are practice test papers effective in improving your exam technique, they can add variety to your revision schedule. The sooner you start practising with sample questions, the quicker you’ll identify any weak areas. You can then adjust your revision plan to account for any extra time required to improve on specific topics.


At Exam Papers Plus, we publish GCSE chemistry revision packs that aim to help you improve your exam technique and boost your confidence in the lead up to exam day.


Our chemistry packs cover all 8 topics in the GCSE chemistry syllabus. As part of the process of creating these packs, we thoroughly analysed examiners’ reports from previous years to ensure that we covered every question type. We also identified questions that students struggle with the most. As such, we’ve included similar questions in our packs to prepare you for every eventuality.


All of our GCSE packs are written and developed by former GCSE examiners and markers. They focus on the key skills that you need to do well in higher tier GCSE exams and include detailed mark schemes for every question. Each question is labelled to identify the relevant exam boards.


We’d highly recommend the following resources to help with your GCSE chemistry revision:



GCSE Chemistry: Key Skills



All of our GCSE packs are available immediately after download.



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