13+ Eton, King’s Scholarship, English – Mark Schemes

We’ve just released two new packs designed for students preparing for 13+ Scholarship exams.


13+ Eton Scholarship English Mark Schemes  2003-2009


13+ Eton Scholarship English Mark Schemes  2010-2017



The Eton exam papers are available to download for free on the school’s website here.


However, there are no answers or explanations provided for these challenging assessments.


We’ve therefore created these mark schemes to provide not only answers but also insights and suggestions to help students learn and improve.


Each mark scheme is around 15 pages long and packed full of guidance and information, explaining exactly what is required to gain each mark. Sample answers are also provided for certain questions.


These mark schemes are especially valuable as it’s often much trickier to assess English papers due to a broader range of possible responses.


The first pack includes 6 mark schemes, covering the exams from 2003 to 2009. This pack is 108 pages long.


The second pack includes 7 mark schemes, covering the exams from 2010 to 2017. This pack is 121 pages long.


These mark schemes will prove invaluable for any student planning to sit 13+ Scholarship exams at any of the top schools this year.


If you purchase both packs together, you can use the code eppdiscount to get 10% off your purchase.



We also have the following mark schemes available for Science and Maths:


13+ Eton Scholarship Science Mark Schemes  2009-2011


13+ Eton Scholarship Science Mark Schemes  2012-2014


13+ Eton Scholarship Science Mark Schemes 2015-2017


13+ Eton Scholarship Maths Mark Schemes 2003-2009


13+ Eton Scholarship Maths Mark Schemes 2010-2017


13+ Westminster Scholarship Science Mark Schemes  2014-2016


13+ Westminster Scholarship Science Mark Schemes  2017-2019


13+ Westminster Scholarship Maths Mark Schemes  2014-2016


13+ Westminster Scholarship Maths Mark Schemes 2017-2019



The following mark schemes cover Latin and French:




13+ Eton Scholarship Latin Mark Schemes 2003-2017




13+ Eton Scholarship French Mark Schemes 2003-2018


13+ Westminster Scholarship French Mark Schemes 2015-2018



We hope you find these new resources beneficial. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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